Grupo Piñero reaffirms its commitment to sustainability

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Grupo Piñero reaffirms its commitment to sustainability
Encarna Piñero, Grupo Piñero
Thu June 04, 2020

The health and well-being of both people and environments, a binomial that continues to guide the hotel chain's strategy at the present time

Grupo Piñero's responsible management model is deeply committed to the main international reference frameworks promoted by the United Nations as they are an essential engine for Sustainable Development and Human prosperity.
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals included in its 2030 agenda have become its guide, a true roadmap to identify and achieve its strategic objectives.
Given the current situation worldwide, health and well-being are gaining more strength than ever. Therefore, ensuring the health of people (employees, customers, suppliers and the local community) and the health of the environment of the destinations where the group operates, are two basic pillars on which the company has worked during these years and in which it will continue to focus in the short and medium term.
As stated by Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero: "We believe that in order for companies to participate actively and committedly they must focus on people and the environment. It is necessary to create a link between nature, health and companies. We believe that improving people's physical, mental and social well-being is not only compatible, but complementary with the task of caring for and conserving the planet, planning and managing the territories in a sustainable way. "
"We want to take care of people, ensure their health and tranquility - that is why we have evolved our protocols for health and safety measures throughout the company, precisely because we want to offer them the possibility of safely experiencing the most exciting experiences, which is ours. authentic reason for being, but I insist, in doing so, we cannot forget that wonderful environment in which we work, those pieces of paradise whose beauty and wealth we want to share with those who visit us, because they are also our home and an essential part of the legacy that we will leave to future generations".



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