FIEXPO Latin America recognizes Constanza Ibarra

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FIEXPO Latin America recognizes Constanza Ibarra
Fri June 05, 2020

Fiexpo Latin America Award will be named "Cony Ibarra” in honor of the former Manager of Meetings Tourism of the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires

The FIEXPO Latin America Award was established in the FIEXPO 2019 edition with the aim of promoting excellence in the work carried out by Latin American destinations and recognizing each year a city or country that, in the opinion of the jury, performed the best recruitment work , promotion and global positioning, prize awarded to the city of Guayaquil on that first opportunity.

In that same year, specifically in the month of August, the departure of Constanza Ibarra, Manager of Meetings Tourism of the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires, known to all as Cony, outstanding and unexpected, took place completely unexpectedly. Young professional who, with his charisma and sympathy, garnered many friends and the affection of all.

His vision of the Industry and his work to achieve the positioning of Buenos Aires as a leading destination, together with the team of the Tourism Authority, INPROTUR, Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, AOCA and the Bureau of Conventions of Buenos Aires, has been determinant for the rapid growth of the City, reaching today the number 1 position as a destination in Latin America in the ICCA ranking.

Coinciding with his date of birth, June 6, we want to officially communicate that the Best Destination Award will be renamed "Cony Ibarra", as a heartfelt and small tribute to all of us at FIEXPO Latin America.

Her memory will remain forever in all of us who had the pleasure of meeting her.


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