According to Sectur, the exhaustion of traditional tourism models is evident

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According to Sectur, the exhaustion of traditional tourism models is evident
Fri June 12, 2020

"In the face of the health crisis, we are on the threshold of understanding this industry in a different way. It is time to make decisions and make commitments and responsibilities to safeguard its future," said Miguel Torruco Marqués


When opening the Virtual International Symposium "The new era of tourism" this morning, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, stated that the appearance of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has made the exhaustion and decline of traditional models of sightseeing.

At the event, organized by the National Tourist Business Council, which is chaired by Braulio Arsuaga Losada, and the Anáhuac University, whose director is Cipriano Sánchez García, the head of Sectur stated that he fully shared the title of the Symposium, since, effectively, we are facing a new era, not only for tourism, but also for society, the economy and all areas that make up our civilization.

He assured that the Covid-19 pandemic came to upset the foundations of the tourism industry, placing the sector in a reality never before imagined, with economic losses still incalculable and great challenges ahead.

"Therefore, instead of talking about diagnoses, achievements, programs, actions, figures, indicators or solutions, I want to take advantage of this space to share some thoughts with you," he said.

Immediately, he assured that for many years, marginalization, poverty and environmental deterioration occupied the backyard of policies, plans, tourist programs, investments and promotion of destinations.

The priority was defined by rapid growth, cheap labor, profitability and, not infrequently, by ambitions and excessive profits, the product of a marked mercantilism, which sometimes encouraged behaviors of corruption, waste and presumption.

“Given this behavior, we stopped seeing the local population; the massiveness of tourism; the deterioration of the environment; the change in the urban appearance; the transgression of the daily life of the inhabitants in the destinations; loss of natural resources; and the importance of the traditions, culture and identity of the populations ”, he maintained.

In this context, Secretary Torruco Marqués added that "the appearance of the pandemic only came to make the exhaustion and decline of traditional models of tourism more evident."

He added that the closure of establishments, the dismissal of workers, the cancellation of trips, the restriction of events and confinement made us turn our gaze towards a hidden reality: a limited health system, workers lacking a solid social protection scheme, companies without reserves or liquidity and lack of responsibility of tourists who are unconcerned about the crowds, among other aspects.

“With all this, I want to tell you that we are on the threshold of understanding tourism in a different way. It is time to make decisions and assume commitments and responsibilities to safeguard your future, "he said.

He expressed that today, any project or collective aspiration has to be based on a balance between economic growth and social development; between the use of tourism heritage resources and the diversity of the land; between defending people's quality of life and just maximizing profits.

“In this task we need to walk together. For this reason, I invite all of you, with your experience, talent and creativity, to add your proposals and work in generating the new responses that tourism demands, ”he said.

He affirmed that the environment and the environment in which the tourist activity operates have been transformed and it is necessary that in the coming years it is ensured that the tourist companies are in a position to continue being viable and successful, since there is nothing more important for a businessman who dream about the future of his successful business.

Therefore, he argued that our tourism needs to be redefined to continue being a benchmark for innovation and innovation. In this sense, it is essential that researchers, academics, service providers, workers, businessmen and government authorities are sensitive to issues such as the protection and preservation of natural resources, social and community well-being, inclusion and diversity, as well as to the urgency of building a better, fairer and more egalitarian Mexico together.

“You, the businessmen, are a fundamental part of the changes, you are agents of transformation, you are indisputable protagonists of the tourist activity. Unity has made tourism a mainstay for growth. Let us maintain that integration in order to overcome the challenges that a new reality imposes on us. I am convinced that tourist activity will continue to be a lever for development and progress ”, he pointed out.

Lastly, Secretary Torruco Marqués recognized all those who make up the various health systems: doctors, nurses, assistants, stretcher-bearers and cleaning staff, among many others who work heroically in hospital centers. "From here we send you our gratitude and respect for defending the most sublime good: life."

For his part, the president of the CNET, Braulio Arsuaga Losada, expressed that today tourism is in a process of transformation from which he is sure that tourism entrepreneurs will not only be victorious, but also strengthened.

He said that crises are moments of opportunity and today more than ever tourism is at a stage where education is a fundamental pillar to overcome the complexity that the so-called pandemic of the century has brought.

“There is no doubt that education is a powerful tool that will enable us as human beings to adapt to a new world, to a new way of traveling and of living experiences that the new era of tourism will offer us. And what do I mean by education? I mean becoming aware of the importance of hygiene, health, safety and coexistence measures these days that we all must maintain indefinitely inside and outside our home, our company and our country ”, he expressed.

Cipriano Sánchez García, rector of the Universidad Anáhuac México also participated in this inaugural block of the Symposium; Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council; as well as Carlos Mendoza Davis, President of the National Conference of Governors and Governor of Baja California Sur.


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