Catalonia Santo Domingo announces re-opening

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Catalonia Santo Domingo announces re-opening
Mon June 15, 2020

The luxurious property located in the Dominican capital implements new cleaning protocols to receive tourists

In a statement sent to the media today, Catalonia Santo Domingo announced its reopening after it closed its doors due to the Covid-19 health crisis. Below we share the text with the details:

"In Catalonia Santo Domingo we are experiencing a new stage of challenge and growth. This year 2020, as in other sectors of the global economy and in society in general, we have been strongly shaken by the arrival of Covid-19, which caused changes important in the regular structure of social and business behavior. "

"This, however, is a reason to re-invent genuine and creative ways, to produce a service with equal excellence, adhering to established prevention protocols, maintaining the faith and desire for a successful rebirth and continuing to provide a memorable and quality, guaranteeing that this phase that we started from July 1st when opening all our sales channels and operating at full capacity, will be counting on the protocol measures established for the prevention of virus contagion and the well-being of all our clients. "

"From our headquarters, we have received and implemented new sanitary standards, which will guarantee our clients quality, neatness, maximum hygiene and safety. We started with the measure of agreeing to a limited and restricted contact between people, always complying with the distance requirements Likewise, we will have reinforced cleaning services, hygiene and quality certifications by internationally endorsed companies, processes and frequency that have been carefully modified to guarantee deep and safe hygiene in all our areas. "

"We will carry out a temperature test on each employee when they join their workday. In the same way, guests will also be subjected to a temperature control. Hand washing, the use of masks and disinfecting gels in all areas of service".

"Rethinking new processes and meeting solid quality standards is a challenge that we have assumed with responsibility. We are confident that this new beginning will be an important premiere for society in improving the quality of life of each human being. We bet and we are certain that the Covid-19 has arrived to change our history, however, not our essence; we will continue with firm steps providing a memorable service always characterized by our kindness and courtesy to all our guests and visitors, while guaranteeing their well-being and security".


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