Azul and LATAM Airlines Brasil announce codeshare agreements and loyalty programs

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Azul and LATAM Airlines Brasil announce codeshare agreements and loyalty programs
Tue June 16, 2020

Customers will be able to connect between the domestic networks of Azul and LATAM in Brazil, with the possibility of accumulating points in the frequent flyer program of their choice

Azul Airlines Brasil and LATAM Airlines Brasil today announce a codeshare agreement to connect routes on their respective domestic networks in Brazil. The two companies also signed an agreement for their frequent flyer programs, enabling 12 million TudoAzul members and 37 million LATAM Pass members to accumulate points in the program of their choice.

The codeshare agreement will initially include 50 non-overlapping domestic routes to / from Brasília (BSB), Belo Horizonte (CNF), Recife (REC), Porto Alegre (POA), Campinas (VCP), Curitiba (CWB) and São Paulo (GRU) ), offering customers in Brazil a wide range of new and more convenient connection opportunities. Codeshares will also enable a smoother travel experience between Azul and LATAM flights, with shared tickets for check-in and baggage drop off. Tickets will go on sale in the coming months.

“These agreements will bring unparalleled benefits to customers. With Azul's highly connected air network serving many destinations in Brazil and LATAM's hubs, our fleet and flight complementarity will offer customers the widest range of travel options. In addition, both airlines have a history and passion for customer service, and we look forward to showing that to our customers, ”said John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul.

“As a sign of LATAM's long-term commitment to the Brazilian market, this codeshare agreement will offer customers access to the largest flight network in the country's history. We understand that the COVID-19 crisis requires innovative responses to help boost the region's economy and today's announcement is part of our contribution to that effort. With the shared values ​​of customer service from both Azul and LATAM and complementary routes, we hope to offer an industry-leading experience for customers in Brazil, "says Jerome Cadier, CEO of LATAM Airlines Brasil.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, Azul and LATAM Airlines Brasil served a total of 137 destinations in Brazil, with 298 routes and 1,632 daily departures. In 2019, the two airlines received recognition for their travel experience and punctual performance.


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