According to Europ Assistance, nobody should travel without assistance and know their coverage

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According to Europ Assistance, nobody should travel without assistance and know their coverage
Fernando Perez, Europ Assistance
June 24, 2020

This is stated by Fernando Perez, Director of Travel at the company


In a context where the health crisis has put traveler insurance at the center of the scene, it is vital to be able to know first-hand the current situation and vision of companies in that segment. For this reason, we interviewed Fernando Perez, Director of Travel at Europ Assistance. We share their responses below:

How has the Covid-19 crisis affected the operation of the company?
At the beginning of the pandemic, it involved us repatriating clients and attending to many particular situations, constantly advising our clients, either on options for returning to their homes or in medical cases that represented uncertainty and that fortunately could be resolved in the best way. On the other hand, we provide extensions to our clients who had difficulty returning and we allowed them to purchase coverage from those who were abroad without assistance and therefore exposed to the risks involved.

What decisions did they make to operate from here on out?
We are currently offering the possibility of reprogramming the validity of the coverage at no cost, in order to provide security when purchasing it. We also have a travel cancellation product that allows you to recover cancellation expenses in the event of unforeseen causes such as loss of work or the closure of the travel agency where the service was purchased, among other causes. At the same time we are finalizing details for new products with specific coverage before covid-19.

How do you imagine the "new normal"?
Travel assistance was always a fundamental service when traveling, but this context increases its visibility and in the market the need of clients seeking to understand in depth the scope, coverage and processes that, previously, in other context were not so involved.
The best option, I think, would be with protocols as unified as possible by the different countries, tourism providers and means of transport.
I imagine the new normality with sanitary passports or stricter requirements on the part of the countries in health measures, means of transport adapted to better sanitation and ventilation, more deconcentrated urban centers and of course no one traveling without assistance to the traveler and knowing in detail your coverage.


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