Reed Exhibitions announces its 5 Point Plan for the new normal

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Reed Exhibitions announces its 5 Point Plan for the new normal
Thu June 25, 2020

The world leader in event organization, announced its program of measures to safeguard the health and safety of those who participate in the exhibitions

Over the past two decades, the meeting industry has responded to and recovered from isolated challenges and national emergencies such as 9/11, the SARS outbreak in 2002, the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010, and the A (H1N1) influenza epidemic ) in 2009.

However, "the COVID-19 pandemic will change the exhibition industry worldwide beyond what we know, adding new dimensions to the events we organize and demanding an even more comprehensive response," said Michael Mandl, CEO of Reed Exhibitions Mexico .

The English company organizes 17 events in Mexico: Expo Lighting Americas, Expo Seguridad México, Expo Seguridad Industrial, Infosecurity Mexico, IBTM Americas, SiTL Americas, Fastener Fair Mexico, HEAT MX Sports & Fitness Fest, Expo Nacional Ferretera, Top Flotillas, eCSE eCommerce Summit & Expo, Expo Beauty Show, Expo Barber Show, LOGEX, XR Experience, as well as MIPCancún and ILTM North America, the latter managed from the French office.

According to the document, the 5 Point Plan is developed based on the guidance and guidance of relevant authorities around the world (including WHO), scientific advice and best practices in the industry.

The plan includes collaboration and commitment with authorities and experts; Risk management; Timely planning to ensure the delivery of exhibition floors and safe experiences to attendees; Clear communication with all participants; and Security controls and preventive measures where they placed special emphasis on control of the exhibition floor, better hygiene controls and proactive medical controls.

“Our plan is very robust, but no industry can overcome this challenge alone. Our staff, assistants, suppliers, venues and partners also have a responsibility; they must adopt new practices and follow science-based measures, not only to protect their health and the health of their family, but also to safeguard the health of others, ”Mandl concluded.

Reed Exhibitions made the complete 5-point plan available to its allies at:


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