Travel insurance will be a priority for tourism

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Travel insurance will be a priority for tourism
Diego Baron, Universal Assistance
June 25, 2020

This is stated by Diego Baron CMO & DIGITAL of Universal Assistance whom we interview exclusively

The health crisis has undoubtedly harmed the tourism industry in each of its niches and, facing the reopening, different studies and reports reveal the reordering of the priorities of travelers. One of the niches that has gained more prominence is that of insurance, so it is essential to know the present and future plans of each of the companies in the sector. In this case, we exclusively interview Diego Baron CMO & DIGITAL Universal Assistance. We share their responses below:

How has the Covid-19 crisis affected the operation of the company?
In this extraordinary situation, from the first moment we activate different protocols in order to protect our teams and clients. Throughout Latin America we apply the “Work from home” modality. This meant a very large technological effort, since we had to migrate 100% of all our operational headquarters in a few days, we had systems in place for this contingency and we managed to guarantee the quality of the 24x7 service. The travel industry is the category most affected by the Pandemic and the drop in sales is being very important. In recent times we are working to adapt our offer to the new needs that customers expect, we are optimistic and we believe that trips will return sooner than previously thought.

What decisions did they make to operate from here on out?
In this last time we design more flexible products with the objective that passengers can define their travel date with up to 2 years from the time of purchase and for a trip of up to 30 days. Likewise, due to the situation caused by the pandemic, we continue to affirm that we provide medical assistance against cases of Covid-19, produced by the SARS-COV2 virus, anywhere in the world.

Talking with business partners and direct customers, do you think that the perception of the services they offer has changed?
Yes, we believe that it will be difficult for a person to travel without medical coverage. Future travelers will be more demanding, they will have traveler assistance as an essential requirement and they will worry about traveling in peace with adequate coverage according to their need. We are convinced that our service will be more required and will occupy an essential place when the activity returns. The situation caused by the global pandemic is giving us an opportunity to become more aware of the importance of traveling with traveler coverage.

In your experience, what do you think would be the best option for international tourism to operate again?
At Universal Assistance we believe that both from the public and private sectors we have to work together and responsibly so that national and international tourism reactivate correctly. All actors must ensure that travelers access the recommended medical coverage depending on the place and type of trip they will take, and it is essential that we give passengers the peace of mind they need to travel again.

In that case, how do you imagine the "new normal"?
We understand that the first revival of the tourism sector will be domestic travel, then travel to neighboring countries will follow, and finally global travel. From the company we are ready to provide peace of mind to our clients, we have a complete medical network, which allows us to provide assistance to travelers worldwide. Technology will be essential to provide the security that passengers need, from Universal Assistance we have an app that includes the Medical Telecare service where in less than 15 minutes people can receive medical assistance with a professional online, obtaining efficient solutions and safe from the hand of technology. Continuing to invest in technology is essential to improve the customer experience and provide them with better and better digital experiences.


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