Quintana Roo seeks to recover jobs

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Quintana Roo seeks to recover jobs
Carlos Joaquín, Quintana Roo
Fri June 26, 2020

According to Governor Carlos Joaquin, taking care of your health, applying preventive measures and avoiding further contagion, giving tourists confidence to visit the destination

During the week of Monday, June 29 to July 5, 2020, for the gradual, orderly and responsible reopening of economic activities in Quintana Roo, the epidemiological traffic light will be orange, both in the northern and southern zones. , Governor Carlos Joaquín reported today.

The official urged people to participate responsibly in the gradual and orderly reactivation of economic activities and that whoever does not have to leave should stay at home.

"Caring for health, applying preventive measures, avoiding more infections, will allow the economy to recover, will give tourists confidence to visit us and we will advance in the colors of the epidemiological traffic light so that more companies and businesses can open and recover jobs that people need, ”explained the governor.

He insisted that they must take care of vulnerable groups. "We are living with the coronavirus and that is why we are applying prevention and gradual recovery measures. We need your participation ”exhorted the head of the Executive.


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