2nd edition of the TMBForum

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2nd edition of the TMBForum
Mon June 29, 2020

The hybrid event is held on September 24 and 25 from the facilities at ÁGORA Bogotá Convention Center

Travel & MICE Business Forum is held this year in “hybrid format” (face-to-face and virtual) on September 24 and 25 from the facilities of the ÁGORA Bogotá Convention Center. The objective is training, networking, experience and the creation of new business opportunities, with current content dedicated to the trends that will govern the new world for the travel and meeting industry.

The event has the support of important companies and public-private entities and the organization has extended an invitation to speakers and industry experts from different parts of the world such as Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, who Under our current reality around the effects of Covid19, they will present their studies and new knowledge based on strengthening tourism.

Additionally and as a strategic component, Travel & MICE Business Forum will establish a series of networking tactics based on new technologies and creative gamification strategies. Activities such as the development of a business roundtable with scheduled appointments, which we will handle both face-to-face and virtual, and experiential activities that will allow creating an atmosphere conducive to the generation of business opportunities.

More information at https://tmbforum.com/


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