Guatemala will promote its offer in virtual business rounds

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Guatemala will promote its offer in virtual business rounds
Tue July 07, 2020

According to the Central American destination, distance marketing strategies are key in the current context

In order to activate negotiations and commercial ties, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT) is preparing the first specific virtual business conference for this sector that seeks to unite Guatemalan entrepreneurs and international buyers belonging to wholesale companies, DMC (Destination Management Company) , tour operators, agents, specialists or travel advisors, all issuers in the tourism value chain.

Mynor Cordón, Director General of INGUAT stated “The main objective is to bring together international businessmen who do not yet have commercial alliances with Guatemalan companies so that the latter can present their proposals and packages in preparation for the economic revival of international tourism, which we understand will be in the longer term ”.

A virtual platform with independent trading rooms will be used, where each buyer will meet with a Guatemalan businessman, who will be able to present her company by sharing the screen, enabling video and audio to start the negotiation. An average of 10 appointments per Guatemalan businessman with a duration of 8 minutes each is being programmed. At the end of the event, there will be a brief virtual networking to share with other participants.

There will be the participation of 30 Guatemalan businessmen, among receptive tour operators and wholesalers, who have already registered for the activity. The registration of participation for national companies is already closed due to the capacity that is managed with the virtual platform. The agendas will be randomly pre-established based on the profiles and priorities of each entrepreneur which they have already sent through their registration forms.

Regarding international participants, businessmen from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Canada, United States, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Morocco, Ukraine, Nepal, India, Australia, Japan have been invited and Thailand, countries from which interest has been received in being part of the event. The confirmation and registration of these companies is being carried out directly through the network of Guatemalan embassies, consulates and commercial advisers accredited abroad through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event is scheduled for three dates during the first week of August, conducting negotiations in three different blocks per date, with participation by region remaining in:

The Americas
Europe, Africa, Far and Middle East
Asia and Oceania

The main criterion for additional registration to fill out a form was having participated as a minimum in an international exhibition managed by the International Fairs section of INGUAT in the last two years in order to give opportunity to large, medium and small companies that have participated in said dates.

This is also part of the requirement of the Guatemalan Missions Abroad so that national entrepreneurs have the experience in this type of international negotiations that are carried out.

Additionally and following the same format of business rounds, during the month of August events will be scheduled between national companies for the generation of new alliances of local services.


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