Travel Ace Assistance bets on technological innovation

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Travel Ace Assistance bets on technological innovation
July 15, 2020

Raffaele Loiacono, CIO of the company stated: "In this extraordinary situation we believe that it is key to continue adding innovations to provide simple use options to our passengers, customers and employees"

Today Travel Acer Assitance has published a statement on its social networks where its CIO Raffaele Loiacono refers to the importance of continuing to invest in technology. We share the text below:

Technology is a vital ally to accompany our passengers, having technological support is important to optimize the productivity, operation and security of our services. For several years we have been walking a path aligned with the strategy of optimizing our digital capabilities, providing our clients, partners and channels with more effective tools for the management and commercialization of services in all segments. This strategy also included adjustments to our internal processes and systems for automation and digitization, which allowed us to provide uninterrupted service from our homes from the first day of quarantine, where 100% of the company's areas were able to operate in remote and it is today that we continue to do so, providing service to our Clients with the same level of respect, containment and professionalism as always.

The world is changing and technological use has become a fundamental element for any passenger. Our mobile solutions and telecare services are key to having medical assistance during the pandemic and we will continue to improve them in the post pandemic. The company has a great challenge ahead knowing that the next travelers will be more demanding when traveling again.

All innovations and new developments are designed to provide disruptive solutions by implementing innovative technologies to the different needs of our customers (wherever they are), we focus on offering the latest technology to be able to assist them from any mobile device quickly and efficiently.


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