The Digital Tourist Tianguis has been presented

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The Digital Tourist Tianguis has been presented
Thu July 16, 2020

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico led the announcement of this novel event, which will take place on September 23 and 24


The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, presented this morning the first edition of the Tianguis Turístico Digital, which will take place on September 23 and 24 of this year.

He affirmed that this novel event is the result of an innovation strategy, so necessary in times like those we live in today, since its objective is to contribute effectively to the revival of tourism in Mexico, one of the sectors most affected by the current global health crisis.

Accompanied by Eduardo Martínez Garza, CEO of CIE Comercial; and Julio Ruiz, commercial director of VisitMexico; and remotely by Luis Humberto Araiza, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur and President of the Union of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (Asetur); Braulio Arsuaga Losada, President of the National Tourist Business Council (CNET); José Manuel López Campos, president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur), explained that in the face of the adverse circumstances the country's tourism industry is going through, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Federal Tourism Secretariat has been given the task of implementing a series of strategies that contribute to a faster recovery of the sector.

The head of Sectur specified that, initially, national tourists will choose to make short trips in a range of three to five hours by road, so some of the strategies developed are focused on strengthening internal tourism, although without forgetting the international.

Last year, national tourism meant a total of 258 million tourists, of which 102 million stayed in a hotel. It also represented a consumption of 142 billion dollars, which represents 82 percent of total tourism consumption.

He added that for decades, domestic tourism has established itself as the pillar of tourist activity, always bringing this industry to life, even in the most difficult situations.

"In this sense, we have worked hard in the realization of the first Digital Tourist Tianguis; in the 45th edition of the Tourist Tianguis; in the second edition of the Magic Towns Tianguis; and in promoting road tourism," he said.

He added that the training courses for ambassadors and consuls settled in countries that strongly send tourists to Mexico also concluded, in addition to the fact that the tourist bag has been sent to them in a timely manner, with updated information. All this in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Likewise, the dependency in his charge has had an active presence with national receptive tour operators and with emissive tour operators from the main international markets for Mexico, through Sectur's digital platform, VisitMexico, among others.

"The Digital Tourism Tianguis, in particular, is the result of an innovation strategy, so necessary in times like those we live in today. Its objective is to contribute effectively to the revival of tourism activity in Mexico, one of the most affected sectors for the current health crisis, a phenomenon that also occurs in the international arena, "he said.

Secretary Torruco Marqués argued that in the age of technology, the Ministry of Tourism cannot be left out of its progress, so they decided to take advantage of the resources and tools at their disposal to launch this interesting and novel initiative, as a preamble of the 45 edition of the Tourist Tianguis, which will take place in Mérida, Yucatán, from March 21 to 24 next year.

He specified that in Mexico there are 80.6 million internet users, representing 70.1 percent of the population aged six and over. And that the internet is the main source of information to search and plan vacations, both for leisure and business trips, therefore the importance of democratizing and digitizing the tourism sector in Mexico.

"With this Digital Tourist Tianguis a window of opportunity opens to bring together national and international buyers with exhibitors. It will also allow all destinations in our country, without exception, and all those involved in the tourism industry, to carry out the promotion , dissemination and marketing of its products and its natural and cultural attractions. In addition, it will mean a strong boost to the next winter season, "he assured.

He highlighted that during the inauguration ceremony of the Tianguis Turístico Digital, the state of Yucatan will have a very special place and its governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, will be as a guest of honor, since Mérida, its capital, will host the 45th edition of the Tianguis Tourist.

"I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Governor Mauricio Vila, and his Secretary of Tourism, Michelle Fridman, for their unconditional support and the facilities they have given us to make the most important tourism fair in Mexico and Latin America a success." express.

In addition, he stressed that, following the instructions of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the 2021 Tourism Tianguis in Mérida will be the first inclusive edition in its 45-year history.

He pointed out that from the beginning of this administration, the Federal Government Tourism Secretariat established among its priorities the realization of tourism with a social focus, which privileges the development and growth of the most unprotected sectors of society, especially those that inhabit the tourist destinations of the country.

It also marked as one of its guiding axes the practice of sustainable tourism, capable of rationally enjoying and taking advantage of its natural and cultural heritage.

"Under this guideline, the Ministry of Tourism will carry out each of its projects, programs and actions, in order to turn tourism into a tool for social reconciliation, bringing benefits and well-being to the local population," he said.

Finally, the secretary Torruco Marqués thanked his collaborators for their talent and creativity to make this Tianguis Turístico Digital a reality, which will mark a milestone in the history of tourism in Mexico.

For his part, the CEO of CIE Comercial, Eduardo Martínez Garza, stated that the Digital Tourism Tianguis will bring together the main players in the industry, in an innovative platform entirely online, as one of the actions of the plan for the revival of the tourism sector , in which they expect the assistance of more than a thousand national and international buyers.

He commented that it will have an exhibition area, where buyers, visitors and exhibitors can interact as if they were in person, through technological tools; as well as an extensive program of conferences and seminars with leaders of the world tourism industry.

"As in any face-to-face event," networking "is one of the main reasons to attend, and the Tianguis Turístico Digital will not be the exception. In this area all the participants will be able to interact with each other, where we will be able to generate important discussion forums", assured.

The president of Asetur, Luis Humberto Araiza, expressed that in these times when the pandemic has severely impacted tourism, the Tourist Tianguis becomes even more relevant, and it is, because with its digital presentation, a powerful message is sent to our markets and partners that Mexican tourism is standing and ready to continue conquering the world through its natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, as well as the hospitality that characterizes Mexicans.

He indicated that this modality of doing it digitally constitutes a unique experience and opportunity at the same time, in terms of the use of information, communication and virtual reality technologies, to present to the consumer the experiences that can be enjoyed throughout Mexico.

"I congratulate those who make this digital version of the Tourist Tianguis possible, especially Secretary Miguel Torruco and his team, as well as CIE, as well as destinations, suppliers and business partners who participate with all the enthusiasm and effort ", said.

In turn, the president of the CNET, Braulio Arsuaga Losada, maintained that today's reality requires us to be flexible and adaptable, and from its trenches, the tourism business sector has proven to be so not only in this crisis, but also in others that have lived in the different stages of the country's history.

“The platform through which the Digital Tourist Tianguis will be held constitutes a fundamental tool for the success of this event that has brought us together for more than forty years with those who make up this industry.

"This is a platform that is up to the task, especially now that the competitive environment becomes even more adverse, in a quest to attract as many travelers as possible to achieve the recovery of the industry at high speed ", he pointed.

Finally, he congratulated the CIE Special Events team and the secretary Torruco Marqués "for this platform that will make and provide the necessary elements to make the event a complete success."

Meanwhile, the president of the Concanaco Servytur, José Manuel López Campos, stated that given the new normality that is being imposed, businessmen and all the actors in the national tourism industry have a great opportunity to rely on these technological tools, which will help to make the recovery of tourist activity in Mexico faster and more efficient.

He warned that the country faces new challenges, so you have to be creative and innovative and be united in this task to overcome any adversity, because you cannot let a situation that was imposed on Mexico and the world stop the advance of the sector tourist, and that's the challenge.

"Congratulations to Secretary Torruco, his team and those who have developed this platform with this great effort, to which we not only wish the greatest success, but also the continuity that will be given until reaching the Tourist Tianguis in Mérida, Yucatán", ended.

In this presentation of the Tianguis Turístico Digital the Undersecretaries of Sectur, Humberto Hernández-Haddad and Alejandro Aguilera Gómez were also present.


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