The public and private sectors of Peruvian tourism meet to plan recovery

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The public and private sectors of Peruvian tourism meet to plan recovery
Mon July 27, 2020

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Rocío Barrios Alvarado has met virtually and individually with the leaders and representatives of important business associations in Peru

Carlos Canales, President of the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR); Yolanda Torriani, President of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL); Erick Fisher, President of the Exporters Association (ADEX); Juan Correa, President of the Peruvian Foreign Trade Society (COMEX); Alejandro Fuentes, First Vice President of the Association of Agricultural Producing Guilds of Peru (AGAP); and Ricardo Márquez, President of the National Society of Industries (SNI). Each was accompanied by its governing body.

Next week will be the meeting with the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP).

The head of the Mincetur was accompanied by the deputy ministers of Foreign Trade, Sayuri Bayona, and of Tourism, Guillermo Cortés. They were joined by the Executive President of Promperú, Luis Torres, and the Head of the Cabinet of Advisers of Mincetur, Anívar Rodríguez.

In conversations with unions, she stressed that, since the start of the pandemic, the government sought to best support the business sector and the general population.

"From Mincetur we are aware that the tourism sector is one of the hardest hit, so we have ratified the will of the Peruvian government to achieve economic recovery in the shortest possible time. In the same way, it is urgent to promote foreign trade, which implies that an articulated work must be carried out ”, she pointed out.

She added that the support of the private sector is very necessary at this stage. "We are sure that we have your commitment," she said.

During the meetings, opinions were exchanged and important contributions were received. These work meetings will be continuous.


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