Colombian travel agencies estimate significant revenue reduction

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Colombian travel agencies estimate significant revenue reduction
Thu July 30, 2020

ANATO calculates a decrease of 70% in 2020. In the first semester, the contraction was 90%

Faced with the scenario of gradual reopening of the economy, ANATO developed a new survey that would make it possible to know the state of Travel Agencies and the way in which they have gone through the Covid-19 problem, deepening the analysis on the current state of companies, occupational involvement, precautionary measures, reopening and the commercial approach.

As part of the measures that have made it possible to cope with this situation, the Agencies highlight 65% that one of the reliefs from which they have benefited the most is the reduction of the pension contribution to 3%, followed by the postponement in the promotion parafiscal tourism with 62%, the deferral of VAT and income with 55%, the support program for formal employment- PAEF- with 52% and the new date for the renewal of the RNT and the Mercantile Registry with 51%.

Although 60% of those surveyed expect that the reactivation of the sector will occur in the third quarter of 2020, with September, with 24%, the month of greatest representation, for 2020 a decrease in the income of the Travel Agencies by 70%, which would represent a reduction of 3.5 billion pesos. For its part, during the first half of the year there was a contraction of 90% of income, which would represent a fall of 2.2 trillion pesos.

“In labor matters, before the crisis 55% of the Travel Agencies surveyed reported that they employed between one and ten people. Currently 48% reveal that in the future they have planned to make salary agreements with their collaborators. This is due to the fact that there is an 18% reduction in the number of employees in the Agencies with respect to the situation prior to the current situation, ”explained Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

On the other hand, 82% revealed that they have transactional digital mechanisms to serve virtual marketing channels. Furthermore, given that the national market will be the first to recover, 37% will begin to offer domestic tourism apart from the segments it traditionally markets.

Finally, and despite the aforementioned figures, regarding the future sustainability of the sector and the company, 66% feel optimistic, 18% pessimistic, and 17% do not know it.


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