The Second Ordinary Session 2020 of the Tourism Diplomacy Council of Mexico was held

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The Second Ordinary Session 2020 of the Tourism Diplomacy Council of Mexico was held
Thu July 30, 2020

Among several important announcements, the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués, confirmed the realization of the First Virtual Macro Wheel of the Pacific Alliance, which will take place from October 5 to 8

Yesterday afternoon and in a virtual way, the Second Ordinary Session 2020 of the Tourist Diplomacy Council was held, which was chaired by the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, and José Alfonso Zegbe Camarena, executive director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, who attended in personal representation of the head of the Chancellery, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón.

When starting the session, Torruco Marqués pointed out that in the last three months that have elapsed this year, the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has been eroding the tourism sector with a global paralysis of travel and its value chain.

In this situation, the Ministry of Tourism undertook the task of working, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the private sector, in containing the crisis and strengthening the tourism sector in Mexico, through an action plan short, medium and long term, based on three priority areas: Health security; Marketing and promotion; and resilience of the tourism sector.

Of the first, he explained that, because the safety of our visitors is the main and most important thing for the recovery of their confidence, on May 20, the National Guideline for the Reopening of the Tourism Sector, which includes the contributions and recommendations of the head of government of Mexico City, the governors of the most representative states for this industry and the private tourism initiative, which is a living document that continues to be updated.

Along these same lines, the Ministry of Tourism, together with the Ministries of Health, and of Labor and Social Welfare, presented on July 13 the "Clean Point Quality Seal Version 2020. Good Practices for Hygienic-Sanitary Quality in the Tourism Sector ”, aimed at the entire tourist value chain.

He indicated that, at the international level, Sectur has not been left behind, and in its capacity as president of the Inter-American Committee on Tourism of the Organization of American States, has convened an extraordinary meeting of ministers on August 14, with in order to establish a dialogue between all member countries and generate a roadmap to have a standard in bio-sanitary protocols in the region, among other topics.

Regarding Marketing and promotion, he maintained that Sectur designed a comprehensive promotion strategy, aimed at both the consumer and the tourism industry, for the containment and support of the crisis, which had its launch on March 20 with the campaign " Postpone, don't cancel. See you son ”, focused on potential travelers from our main tourism source markets in the world.

In addition, through the VisitMexico platform, and as part of the second phase of the digital strategy presented in the first session of this Tourist Diplomacy Council, the national campaign "Think in Mexico" was launched, in which audiovisual materials are being produced that They consider the 32 entities of the Mexican Republic.

He added that, from the beginning, as a fundamental part of the sector's economic recovery strategy, they directed their actions towards internal tourism, with various actions such as the First Digital Tourism Tianguis, to be held next September, as a preamble to the Tourist Tianguis of Merida in March 2021; the second edition of the Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos, planned to be held in November of this year in the city of San Luis Potosí; as well as a strong boost to road tourism.

He argued that Mexico has had an active presence in the main international multilateral forums, which leads to the completion of the First Virtual Macro Roundtable of the Pacific Alliance, which will take place from October 5 to 8; in addition to the launching at the end of the year of a promotional campaign for Mexican destinations in the countries of the Pacific Alliance region, financed by this alliance.


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