Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay provides details of the reopening of tourism

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Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay provides details of the reopening of tourism
German Cardoso, Mintur
Fri July 31, 2020

According to Minister Germán Cardoso, despite the effects of the pandemic, there has been a significant movement in the main destinations of the country

The Minister referred to the current situation in the tourism sector and the reopening of the Salto and Paysandú thermal corridor at the start of the winter holidays. He stressed that despite having a current health emergency decree, life goes on, that the country has made a significant effort to combat COVID-19 and the results have been recognized both in the region and in the world. He also highlighted the decision of the European Union to choose in Latin America only Uruguay for air reconnection.

Despite the fact that the tourism sector is tremendously affected and damaged by the effects of the pandemic, the hierarch maintained that in this phase 1 of revival of internal tourism, there are interesting movements of people, both in the East, as in Cologne and the Salto and Paysandú thermal corridor. He also argued that the thermal parks operate with 50% of the capacity and that in private hotels with wells and thermal pools of their own, there is an interesting turnout, even above expectations. In addition, all protocols and measures implemented in the thermal corridor are being complied with without any sanitary problems being reported so far.

MINTUR will install a regional office in Punta del Este
The initiative aims to increase the number of services and streamline the various procedures for tourism service providers located in the Eastern Region.
"It is a decentralized office of the Ministry that will coordinate the planning and implementation of tourism policy in the territory throughout the eastern part of the country (its main competence) but it will also be a tourist information center for visitors , because logically Punta del Este is the main tourist center of Uruguay ”, explained the minister Germán Cardoso in a press conference.
In addition, this regional office will give the possibility that all tour operators in the eastern part of the country who wish or have the need to carry out procedures before the Ministry of Tourism regarding gastronomy, hotels, real estate, can do so in Punta from the East without the need to move to Montevideo as before.


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