More than 10,000 tourism professionals have already been trained with webinars in Argentina

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More than 10,000 tourism professionals have already been trained with webinars in Argentina
Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR
Mon August 03, 2020

Through almost 50 online seminars, the international tourism sector had the opportunity to learn in detail about the offer of the country's six regions

In the framework of extensive digital promotion work in Argentina, the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) reached a new milestone by training more than 10,000 tourism professionals from almost 40 countries through different webinars that cover the tourism offer of the country.

The idea of ​​these webinars arose from the possibility of bringing together large audiences from different parts of the world online. In this way, a travel agent in North America, Europe or Oceania has this tool at their disposal to get to know Argentina's tourism proposals in depth, make inquiries and enrich their knowledge in order to sell our destinations to travelers in their country.

"In this difficult year for the world, Argentina takes another step forward in tourism. Just as we managed to be the number 1 country in Latin America in Meeting Tourism, today we feel the pride of having trained more than 10,000 professionals of world tourism. It is the consequence of a great effort on the part of the INPROTUR team, of the provinces and embassies that collaborated at all times to position the country at the highest level ”, summed up the executive secretary of INPROTUR, Ricardo Sosa.

With an important previous analysis from the INPROTUR Markets area, the webinars were designed according to the interest of each market and dictated in their respective languages. This was how dissertations were generated for professionals from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden , Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, Central America, India, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Malta, Ukraine, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan, among others.

The six regions of the country –Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Litoral, Norte, Cuyo and Patagonia-, gastronomy and wine routes, LGBT Tourism, Snow, Route 40, Medical Tourism and Nature were, among others, some of the topics addressed in the almost 50 online seminars carried out since last April until today.
In addition, more than 3,000 satisfaction surveys were conducted with an average of over 9 points out of 10 in the results.
The webinars will continue for the rest of the year with the aim of further increasing the numbers obtained and seeking the best positioning of the Argentine brand in the world.


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