ASSIST CARD adapts to times of the new normal

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ASSIST CARD adapts to times of the new normal
Alexia Keglevich, ASSIST CARD
Thu August 13, 2020

If there is something that has always distinguished the company is innovation, the health crisis has not been the exception

If prior to the health crisis it was essential to have good travel insurance, the pandemic has shown that no one can go on a trip without one. We have consulted Alexia Keglevich, ASSIST CARD global CEO, who gives us her valuable vision and a detail of the current situation in the company. We share their responses below:

What institutional strategy do you have to agree with destinations to be a traveler insurance provider that includes Covid-19?
Just as from ASSIST CARD, we strive to develop products that are increasingly adapted to the needs of customers, in the same way we work offering the best options to continue taking care of our travelers regardless of destination. This implies, mainly, being in conversations and in tune with the local measures of each country, in order to be able to adapt to your requirements in advance.
Since before the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the first and most effective strategy we implemented from the company was to say “yes” to the virus, under the same conditions as any other disease that arises anywhere in the world. However, the situation has changed so much since then that we had to adapt to the different protocols established by local governments. Over time and as countries reopened their borders, several established as a requirement to have comprehensive assistance that covers COVID-19, to allow the entry of foreigners. In this sense, at ASSIST CARD, we readapt our portfolio to be useful in the new normal. In this way, the company's institutional strategy as a leading provider of travel assistance in the different destinations adheres to the offer of the most complete portfolio of products and services that ensures comprehensive care for travelers and works as a facilitator for travelers. different governments.

What offer of specific products to travel to specific destinations that make it a condition to contract an insurance that covers Covid-19 have they developed?
True to our purpose of assisting our clients above all things and marking leadership in the industry, from ASSIST CARD we understood that the coronavirus also brings with it other non-medical consequences that can complicate the travel experience, that is why we thought and launched COVID EXTRA, a comprehensive and disruptive product to respond to new demands.
In that sense, it contemplates those non-medical unforeseen events that may occur before or during a trip, in the event of a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 of the owner or companion, and which can even be added to active products or previously contracted tourist packages. . For example, for those clients who have been diagnosed with positive coronavirus prior to the start of their trips, they will be able to have the total cancellation benefit for being unable to travel, as well as the reimbursement of several of their unenjoyed expenses such as excursions, events and / or shows booked in advance. Additionally, in the event that the product owner had planned his trip with a companion who has tested positive for COVID-19, and he is unable to travel, he may also access the benefit of cancellation and interruption of the trip.
Likewise, the product also contemplates those complications that arise once the person is traveling, such as the difference in fare or penalty for changing the date of the ticket, either due to delayed travel or early return or, the mandatory quarantine in destination in case of having contracted the coronavirus, for which coverage of accommodation and food expenses is guaranteed. In line with this, in the event that the client is alone and forced to extend their stay due to having COVID-19, they may even enjoy the transfer and stay of a relative.
This product is complemented with medical assistance to the top of the coverage that the company has been providing since before the WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic and that they apply indistinctly for national and international products.

Have you noticed an increase in inquiries and sales for this specific segment?
In this context of a pandemic, we have detected a growing interest and desire to travel on the part of the population. This is reflected, for example, by the results of the last Hot Sale in Argentina where, in terms of sales, we exceeded our expectations by 20%. The annual plans stood out, mostly to international destinations such as Madrid, Miami and Cancun, starting at the end of 2020 or in the first quarter of 2021, in multiple trips mode. You are a traveler who no longer wants to postpone your trips and ensures that you are protected in advance against medical and non-medical contingencies through our products. Likewise, we noticed a more cautious, demanding and health-conscious customer at the time of organizing their trip. In this sense, the total volume of consultations in our call centers is related to COVID-19 and its coverage. Thanks to ASSIST CARD's commitment to innovation and organizational agility, we developed the first comprehensive assistance for Coronavirus, such as COVID EXTRA, in record time.

Have you had contact with companies in the tourism sector such as airlines, hotel chains and cruise companies to close specific commercial agreements for this type of insurance?
As category leaders, at ASSIST CARD we understood our role as benchmarks in this crisis and for that reason, we work together to promote the reactivation of the tourism sector. In this challenge, articulated work with all the actors of the tourism economy is key: airlines, hotel chains, travel agencies, among others, with whom, in addition to fighting for the same interests, we explore solutions that collaborate to reestablish trust in the travelers, as well as the incorporation of our integral products for COVID within their tourist proposals.
In this sense, we have participated and supported different campaigns that promote the return of trips, in those destinations classified as safe. Such is the case of # VenAlCaribeMexicanoX2, a private initiative that offers promotions or discounts to locals and foreigners to invite tourists to visit Cancun, where the company joined as the only provider of travel assistance and prepared a special product that includes all the essential services to visit the destination, and guarantee that travelers who are in the Caribbean, only dedicate themselves to enjoying themselves. This campaign is made up of more than 200 hotels, service providers, theme parks, car rental companies, golf courses and travel agencies, among others, and its reservation period is active until August 15.


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