Europ Assistance guarantees protection against Covid-19

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Europ Assistance guarantees protection against Covid-19
Fernando Perez, Europ Assistance
August 14, 2020

The pioneering firm in traveler insurance offers comprehensive coverage against Coronavirus in all its products

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly highlighted the need for complete coverage when facing a trip. Europ Assistance, a firm founded in France in 1953 and a pioneer in this market, has worked hard to be able to offer packages that meet today's demand. For more details, we consulted your Travel Director Fernando Pérez. We share their responses below.

What institutional strategy do you have to agree with destinations to be a travel insurance provider that includes Covid-19?
We are negotiating with some states that seek to include assistance within the visa or entry to the country, so that all visitors know that they can travel to the destination with the peace of mind of having our coverage.

What offer of specific products to travel to specific destinations that have developed an insurance that covers Covid-19 as a condition?
Today, all our international products have comprehensive coverage against Covid-19, ranging from medications to hospitalization to maximum coverage, as well as accommodation and food expenses in the face of forced rest, the expenses of anticipated return for a sick family member and transfer and accommodation of a relative in case of hospitalization. We also provide the possibility of recovering trip cancellation expenses in case of being forced to cancel due to positive Covid-19. At the same time we are working on updating these benefits with our partners and special agreements.

Have you noticed an increase in inquiries and sales for this specific segment?
Undoubtedly, inquiries have increased a lot, and the traveler wants to be aware of all the information of his coverage, for a matter of conscience and personal care, but also because many countries such as Brazil and Aruba, among others, are requesting compulsory assistance and many others require a negative swab the days prior to arrival at destination, such as Uruguay and Ecuador. This is a global trend and I believe that in the not too distant future of travel, there will be no border crossing without medical coverage. This factor can even be raised interstate according to the health policies of each country.

Have you had contact with companies in the tourism sector such as airlines, hotel chains and cruise companies to close specific commercial agreements for this type of insurance?
Yes, we are about to implement an agreement with the miles program of an important line in South America where its members can exchange miles for our coverage. On the other hand, we are already providing coverage to many international hotel chains / Resorts such as Palladium and Club Med and we are in negotiations with many others who are very interested in coverage so that their guests can make reservations with complete peace of mind.


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