INGUAT launches campaign to recognize and value tourists

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INGUAT launches campaign to recognize and value tourists
Mon August 17, 2020

Under the slogan "Tourism is development", this initiative seeks to carry a message of awareness and motivation, both for the communities of the country and for the tourist who arrives to enjoy its attractions

Aware of the need to be prepared to gradually resume tourism activity, after the current health situation that postponed many of the activities of Guatemalans, including traveling and enjoying the natural and cultural wealth of the country, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT) launches an awareness campaign in order to recognize and value tourists as a source of income and well-being for the communities that receive them and benefit from their visit.

The campaign is called "Tourism is development" and seeks to carry a message of awareness and motivation, both for the communities of the country and for the tourist who comes to enjoy its attractions, in such a way that together they can live together and measure the importance that It has the tourist for the economy as an agent that generates development, work, opportunities and that impacts directly and indirectly those who live around this noble industry and the population in general.

Mynor Cordón, General Director of INGUAT explained, “With this campaign we seek to support the construction of a tourist culture of peace and acceptance of the national tourist in the first instance and to be prepared to receive Guatemalans in our tourist attractions. The chapines are also tourists in our own country and we must recognize that every time we visit the communities we generate employment and well-being, because tourism is sustainable development ”.

The campaign also seeks to sensitize and anticipate the arrival of tourists under three main messages: “The tourist is a source of employment and development in our communities.

With the awareness messages, the understanding of the importance of tourism is promoted and the tourist is appreciated as a friend taking into account the conditions, respecting, attending and applying the good practice guides for the prevention of COVID-19 and other infections that have carried out by INGUAT, with the endorsement of the health authorities for different lines of business in the tourism sector and for which service providers have been trained as a contribution to resilience and adaptation to the current context.

The communication strategy includes the production of digital, written and audiovisual materials, as well as the adaptation of messages in Spanish for radio to the Mayan, Xinca and Garífuna languages, with which more than 8 million Guatemalans in these speaking communities will be reached. .

In April, INGUAT released the tourist remembrance campaign "Your home awaits you, Guatemala", which sought to promote the message of respecting and addressing the recommendations of the central government, promoting the slogan "Stay at home." In addition to appealing to the public conscience to stay at home and at the same time supporting the tourism industry, it was invited not to cancel the trips but to reschedule them, as well as to remember that the country's tourist attractions have been there for hundreds and thousands of years and they will still be there when this emergency passes.

After the awareness campaign, another tourist reactivation campaign will be promoted, which will focus on inviting Guatemalans to do domestic tourism. However, this is intended for when the conditions of mobilization for tourist purposes can be carried out based on the existing alert system.


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