The Virtual Summit Humanizing the Change begins

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The Virtual Summit Humanizing the Change begins
Tue August 25, 2020

The event organized by IBTM Americas seeks to strengthen the ties of the MICE segment during its two days


According to David Hidalgo, CEO of IBTM Americas, this meeting does not have the objective of business appointments, but rather to promote the human relationship of clients and suppliers of the meetings industry, through an educational and training program.

As part of your commitment to visitors, you buyers and the entire MICE community, spaces and educational sessions were adapted for these event professionals, through a Virtual Summit.

The program of this virtual meeting includes the participation of Mike, Rayburn, a member of the Hall of Fame speaker of the National Speakers Association (NSA) of the United States; Gabriel Vallejo, expert speaker; Irene Lane, founder of Greenloons; Lisa Aquino, of Encore Global Production Group; Nico Celis, producer of the film Roma, among others.

Hidalgo highlights that Humanizing Change is a "tribute to all the people who work in the events industry, as an invitation to remember that we are human: creative, social and passionate."

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