The IBTM Americas Virtual Summit culminated successfully

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The IBTM Americas Virtual Summit culminated successfully
Fri August 28, 2020

With more than 2,000 participants from different parts of the world such as Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Quebec and various cities in Mexico, those attending the Virtual Summit enjoyed 12 conferences, offered by 18 speakers: 4 keynote speakers and 14 specialized speakers


The moment in which we live is an invitation to change, to adaptation and to be connected in a way that little by little has approached as a “new normal”. A reality that through digital forces us to work, to talk with our loved ones, to build relationships and to create new forms of interaction.

However, the human factor remains the essence of the interaction; emotions, sensations and the possibility of living new experiences are essential elements that should not be forgotten in this digital moment.

Under this premise, on August 25 and 26, IBTM Americas celebrated the passion, creativity and innovation of event organizers and planners with a Virtual Summit, championed by the #HUMANIZINGTHECHANGE concept, within the framework of its tenth anniversary.

For two days, attendees enjoyed interesting and emotional content, provided by the main sponsor of the Baja California event and led by the renowned voice of the locution, Lalis Rodríguez.

With a total of 2,094 participants from different parts of the world such as Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Quebec and various cities in Mexico, the attendees enjoyed 12 conferences, offered by 18 speakers: 4 keynote speakers and 14 specialized speakers, as well as interactive experiences led by the new IBTM Americas launch, XR EXPERIENCE and created in conjunction with Baja California and KLS.

The opening of the event was given by Mike Rayburn, presented by the great ally of the event Allenamenti. The world-class guitarist offered a very dynamic talk where, with his notes, he invited the audience not to be afraid of change and to take risks to achieve all their goals.

Subsequently, Gabriel Vallejo, an expert speaker and international author on customer service, addressed the keys to achieving consumer loyalty, based on caring for employees as the basis for achieving this loyalty. For his part, Cathy Breden from the International Association of Exhibitions & Events shared a screen with Didier Scaillet from the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence to talk about the recovery of the exhibition and events industry.

The day continued with the presence of Suzelle Morris, Money Management Advisor who offered tips for financial recovery. Later, Irene Lane, Founder of Greenloons and who is the only person in the US who can certify a green destination / lodging and / or event with the international accreditation of the Certified Standard for the Biosphere, added a human-centered guide to planning. of sustainable events.

The first day of #HUMANIZINGTHECHANGE closed with an emotional conference presented by Thinking Heads, in which the International Tenor José Manuel Zapata took the attendees on a comparative journey of the ingredients of happiness with the Do a Sol scale, and with the that aroused emotions and vibrated sensations through music by Queen, the voice of Plácido Domingo and the greats of classical music.

The opening of the second day was also in charge of Allenamenti, with the interview of its president Mauricio Candiani to the Principal Dancer of the National Ballet of England, and proudly Mexican, Isaac Hernández, who spoke about the path of effort and dedication that he has followed to continue with stand with his great passion.

Later PSAV-ENCORE, sponsor of the event, participated with interesting information about the production of digital events, which is undoubtedly the future for the industry. Additionally Jessie States, Director of MPI Academy, offered a presentation dedicated to the health care and well-being of planners, through different measures that can be implemented in events such as: food, travel needs and, of course, measures that must be taken in times of pandemic.

In the middle of the day, Lalis Rodríguez, host of the event, moved the public through the use of different audios to talk about his career and reflect in it the importance of listening and recognizing the personality of our brand in order to make consumers fall in love.

For its part, the Sustainable Collective, made up of Remedios Producciones, Iguana 4 Studio, Eventos Sustentables and InPulse, who were also the producers and great allies for the transmission of this event, talked about the sustainability options for all the organizers.


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