Amadeus closes new agreement with Turkish Airlines

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Amadeus closes new agreement with Turkish Airlines
Mon August 31, 2020

The airline will be able to offer a faster, more accurate and relevant digital shopping experience

This new long-term IT agreement combined with a recent expansion of its fleet will lead the airline into its next phase of international growth.

Agreement will boost digital infrastructure paving the way for future distribution of NDC content

Even with the turbulence that travel faces, some airlines are more focused than ever on seeking innovation. For Turkish Airlines this search has never diminished. For one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, it has always been critical to meet customer expectations and ensure that its strategy adapts to purchasing behavior, at any time.

Following the recent expansion of its fleet, Turkish Airlines is reinforcing its vision with new technology. The airline has signed an IT agreement with Amadeus that will help it deliver personalized offers across all platforms and devices.

Turkey's flagship airline aims to expand customer reach with a number of new purchasing solutions from the Amadeus Offer Suite. These flexible and modular solutions will allow the airline to connect with new market channels and develop a future-proof retail strategy.

Even more important, Turkish Airlines will be the first airline to adopt Massive Search, a solution that will allow it to offer travelers the most relevant fares with the possibility of reservation. Massive Search capabilities are becoming increasingly critical for the entire travel industry as digital infrastructure must quickly deliver results in the face of increasing booking ratio, which has grown from 10: 1 to 1000: 1 in the last two decades.

Whether customers search for flights on Turkish Airlines' own channels, through a meta search engine, an online travel agency, or an online advertisement, Amadeus technology ensures that travelers get a fast, consistent and accurate response. .

This separate IT agreement is in addition to an expanded distribution agreement signed with Amadeus last year. Amadeus' global network of travel vendors continues to support the airline's expansion plans, efficiently expanding its reach and consistently delivering its offers to all travelers.

The airline was already using the Amadeus Flex Pricer solution and has now signed up for the entire portfolio of purchases in the Amadeus Offer Suite, consisting of:

Flex Pricer Premium
Massive Search
Instant Search
Fare Quote Mini Rules
ATC Reissue, Shopper and Refund (ATC reissue, purchase and refund)

The suite will equip Turkish Airlines to be able to integrate content via NDC into the existing infrastructure of the airline, catapulting it to distribute content via NDC in the near future.

The deal comes at a time when Turkey's flagship airline - which currently operates 360 aircraft and flies to most destinations in the world, more than 320 in 126 countries - continues to expand its operations. From 2017 to 2019, the airline increased the number of passengers from 69 to 75 million and expects to reach 120 million in 2023.

"These are exciting times in Turkish. Now, as the industry looks to recovery, we will push the bar when it comes to finding and buying our fares, delivering the content our travelers want quickly and consistently, regardless of the channel," he said. Ali Serdar Yakut, CIO of Turkish Airlines.

Ali Serdar Yakut continued: "Istanbul is at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and our new hub opened last year gives us more capacity to connect to new destinations. The new facilities will serve 200 million passengers a year, opening up a momentous opportunity for growth. Amadeus' trusted technology and strong support on the ground will help us achieve our ambitions".


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