Sectur signs agreement to convert farms into accommodation centers

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Sectur signs agreement to convert farms into accommodation centers
Fri September 11, 2020

It seeks to promote "The Route of the V Centennial", which locates 53 farms throughout six states of the country, with the aim of creating 180 thousand jobs, mainly within the communities


The Secretariat of Tourism of the Government of Mexico and the Federation of Haciendas, Estancias y Hoteles Históricos AC, signed an agreement that seeks to recognize the cultural, architectural and historical value of the country's haciendas and work together with the owners to achieve its conversion into accommodation, recreation and business spaces.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government, Miguel Torruco Marqués, explained that over more than three hundred years, the haciendas played a fundamental role in the economic life of Mexico, since a large part of the country's productive activity revolved around them .

He indicated that during the Viceroyalty and until the Porfiriato, the haciendas concentrated not only economic wealth, but also significantly influenced the social and political spheres, being a representative sample of the existing production system at that time.

Over time they have become architectural jewels, with a high historical and cultural value, and therefore, with enormous potential that must be exploited to diversify Mexico's tourist offer.

"Therefore, the importance of supporting and promoting the rescue and conservation of these valuable buildings, and together, the public and private sectors, identify and propose investment projects for the benefit of tourist destinations and the local population," he said.

Due to their location and construction, the haciendas are open places that favor interaction with the environment, which allows them to respond to the needs and requirements of a more demanding, informed and careful tourism with their health and environment.

The head of Sectur commented that the Federation of Haciendas has developed the project "La Ruta del V Centenario", through 53 of these properties located in the states of Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, State of Mexico, Morelos and Mexico City , in which 151 tourist attractions are located that pass through 39 municipalities, and its objective is to create 180 thousand jobs, mainly within the communities.

“This project favors the generation and innovation of the tourism product, encourages investment in the sector and repositions architecture and nature as part of the essential values ​​of Mexico, without leaving aside the abundant mosaic of gastronomy, music, fashion and traditions cultural ”, he asserted.

He emphasized that in these times of global crisis, it is necessary to add efforts, resources and tourism creativity, to regain the leadership that Mexico has had in terms of visitors and extraordinary experiences.

Finally, he invited the members of the Federation of Haciendas to join the permanent training and professionalization courses offered by the Institute of Tourist Competitiveness (Ictur) of the Ministry of Tourism; At the same time, it made the renewed VisitMexico digital platform available to them for the free dissemination, promotion and commercialization of its tourism companies, services and products.

For his part, Justo Fernández Ávila, president of the Federation of Haciendas, Estancias, and Historic Hotels of Mexico, explained that the “Route of the V Centennial” includes eight World Heritage sites, four Magical Towns, three Charming Towns, ten archaeological zones and 47 Protected Natural Areas, with wide ecological diversity. "We have a lot to offer in this program that we are developing in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism."

He estimated that by 2024, the Route will receive more than two million national visitors and one million international visitors, since it will be the first comprehensive tourist route of historical-cultural value in the country that joins the sun and beach destinations to expand the tourist offer of Mexico, with a unique product in the world.

Also present at this signing of the agreement were vice presidents of the Federation of Finance; owners of haciendas and mansions that participate in the program "La Ruta del V Centenario"; and representatives of Tourism from Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, State of Mexico, Morelos and Mexico City.


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