Smartvel offers airlines an interactive map with travel restrictions

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Smartvel offers airlines an interactive map with travel restrictions
Mon September 14, 2020

The destination content provider together with United Airlines developed a new tool available on and the airline's App that allows its customers to filter and access updated information related to COVID-19

United's Destination Guide, one of the first among US airlines, provides a color-coded map to highlight whether a destination is closed, partially open, or fully open for travel, and will also indicate whether any medical or quarantine testing is required for travel. travel. Customers can also easily filter by destination to view local regulations, such as social distancing measures and mask use, as well as to see if restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues are open to the public or limited.

Smartvel has developed this solution to provide up-to-date information in a single tool to help United Airlines customers decide where they can travel with greater confidence and safety.

"Our artificial intelligence technology that already worked providing events and destination plans to companies in the tourism sector, has now served to create this tool that provides the latest travel restrictions and leisure options available in each destination due to COVID- 19, using only official sources and our experience as content and technology providers, "said Iñigo Valenzuela, CEO and Founder of Smartvel. "We are proud to be able to help a company like United keep their customers up to date on destination information and travel restrictions, so changing due to COVID-19, so that they can plan better and with more confidence their next travels".

United's Interactive Map shows the travel restrictions and leisure options that currently exist at the state level in the US and will soon also include all the international destinations served by the North American airline.

Customers viewing the color map can click on each state to view local regulations and entertainment options by region, and can also filter by state via a drop-down to view specific information about each destination, including:

• If a medical certificate is required (such as negative PCR test)

• Non-essential stores open

• Open tourist accommodation

• Restaurants open

• Bars and cafes open

• Museums and monuments open

• If a mask is required in public on a mandatory basis.

• If mandatory social distancing is required.

This new interactive map joins the latest innovations launched by United to enhance the travel experience for its customers.


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