Galapagos reopens its doors to tourism

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Galapagos reopens its doors to tourism
Tue September 15, 2020

This Ecuadorian destination is ready to receive visitors with strict biosafety protocols

Enjoying nature in the midst of volcanic settings and diving into crystal clear waters to admire marine biodiversity are some of the options that Galapagos offers. This charming Ecuadorian destination opened its doors to tourism and is ready to receive visitors with strict biosafety protocols.
In the Enchanted Islands it is possible to feel the adrenaline to the fullest.

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador has shared with us a series of suggestions that includes activities to live unforgettable moments there.

Diving through the surface of its crystal clear waters will allow tourists to admire species such as blue shark, stingrays, colorful fish and playful sea lions.
On San Cristóbal Island the best surface dives are carried out in Cerro Tijeretas, León Dormido, Lobería, Isla Lobos, Bahía Rosa Blanca, among others. Santa Cruz Island offers you places like Las Grietas and Tortuga Bay.

A rowing trip around the mangroves and bays of Galapagos will make the visitor feel the adrenaline to the maximum. You can explore nature and test your skills with this popular marine sport in the bay of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, in San Cristóbal.
Other places where it is possible to kayak are El Garrapatero, Tortuga Bay and the Itabaca Channel on Santa Cruz Island, and the bay of Isabela Island.

A ride on wheels to get in genuine contact with the landscapes, people and customs of the islands will undoubtedly provide a pleasant experience. Galapagos offers multiple circuits to experience tourism in a different way.
From Puerto Ayora you can pedal to El Garrapatero and feel the microclimates of Santa Cruz Island. In San Cristóbal local operators also offer bike tours to the upper part of the island. On Isabela Island you can enjoy cycling on the circuits of the Wetlands Complex.

Travel recommendations
Galapagos has a safe tourist corridor to guarantee an authentic experience and with all the biosecurity measures. It is important to plan the trip in advance and obtain the safe conduct issued by the tour operator or regulated accommodation in Galapagos.
As part of the protocols, it is also necessary to have the negative result of a PCR test carried out up to 96 hours before the trip. Tourists who enter the islands meeting these requirements are exempt from Obligatory Preventive Isolation.


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