Hard Rock Hotel All Inclusive committed to the environment

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Hard Rock Hotel All Inclusive committed to the environment
Fri September 18, 2020

Each property has an environmental preservation policy, prioritizing the protection of nature

Awareness for the environment has been gaining ground over the years. The importance of caring for nature through recycling and a correct use of natural resources crosses the values ​​of the 21st century society. One of the places that has an environmental protection policy is the Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive, located in the Caribbean.

Through the media, it is possible to visualize and learn about the world situation on various topics. The one that occupies the agenda, almost daily, is the environmental situation in different countries, and the development of movements in favor of the protection of nature. From the dissemination of information on recycling to the fashion of reusing glass products; One of the keys that defines today's society is the awareness and importance of the world as a whole.

Located in natural paradises, one of the characteristic mottos of the Hard Rock Hotel All Inclusive is Save The Planet. The huge resorts, which receive thousands of travelers a year, have an environmentally friendly policy, and awareness among their guests. Through their Philanthropy and Care for the Planet programs, they respect a series of measures in favor of the environment that surrounds them.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the impact of tourism on the environment is increasing: the carbon footprint of hotels corresponds to 20% per year. That is why the Hard Rock Hotel All Inclusive have implemented actions to prevent and control pollution and environmental deterioration for years. In addition, they carry out practices that favor and prioritize energy savings through efficient use of water and recycling of waste.

One of the habits of the hotels is to defend and contribute to the environment through support with the community. In recent years, with the population reduction of sea turtles due to the loss of habitat and climatic changes, protection programs have been developed, especially in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. In order to recover the population of three species of turtles that nest on the hotel's beaches, the resort calls its collaborators and visitors to the beaches to report nests and turtles on the beach, and thus protect the area.

Taking into account the risk in which different species are found, from the hotel they assured that: “The benefits of these actions of conservation of wild biodiversity, especially of these species, contribute to the closest aspects of sustainable development and the well-being of human populations, such as ecological, social, scientific, educational, cultural and recreational "

When traveling, it is essential to have information on the natural situation of tourist destinations, respecting the policies of the accommodation and the country in question. Tourism responsibility with the natural environment is increasing thanks to the promotion by the accommodations, which seek to reduce the environmental impact and raise awareness about the importance of the environment.


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