Costa Rica promotes the breadth of its "natural culture" at the Teatro Real in Madrid

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Costa Rica promotes the breadth of its "natural culture" at the Teatro Real in Madrid
Mon September 21, 2020

At the beginning of the opera season, an audiovisual dedicated to the biodiversity of the Central American country was shown


Costa Rica was one of the special and luxury guests at the gala at the beginning of the opera season at the Teatro Real del Madrid, Spain, yesterday at 8 p.m. The masterful performances of the production "Un Ballo in Maschera" were the ideal setting for the reopening of one of the most representative stages of the Spanish capital, but also the showcase for the realization of a cultural "twinning" between Costa Rica and Spain.
This inauguration was attended by the Kings of Spain, Felipe Borbón and his wife Letizia Ortiz, together with Spanish personalities from politics, television and film.
The evening was used to carry out an audiovisual tribute to the National Theater of Costa Rica, the national symbol of our country within the framework of the 130th anniversary of the laying of the first stone for the construction of the architectural jewel of San José, which precisely occurred in September 1890 In addition to the images of the iconic building on large-format screens, an innovative video was shown that mixed a presentation of song, dance and piano performance by renowned Spanish artists with audiovisual references to the majestic Costa Rican biodiversity.
This audiovisual that invites potential Spanish tourists to visit Costa Rica in the setting of the new normality of the current context will be screened on the 52 multimedia screens of the Teatro Real in Madrid, during the opera season, scheduled since yesterday, 18 from September to March 2021.
Although the theater producers have reopened with a strict sanitary protocol, automated temperature measurement stations, disinfection processes of carpets, stands, stage and other spaces prior to each function and a reduction in capacity, they project an estimated audience of 200,000 thousand viewers during the season.
For Ireth Rodríguez, Head of Promotion of the ICT "this creative project allows to maintain the connection with potential Spanish tourists with the purchasing power that allows them the possibility of traveling to our country in the near future." Rodríguez added that merging culture and nature generates a powerful and impressive message prior to enjoying opera in one of the most recognized stages of the Spanish capital.
Natural culture
Under the concept "Discover our natural culture", it will also be used for the development of a promotional campaign for the destination that addresses and mixes cultural aspects of both countries through the twinning of two national symbols such as the National Theater of Costa Rica and the Royal Theater of Madrid .
The ambassadors of the project will be the flamenco dancer and contemporary dance Rafael Amargo, the pianist Manu Guie and the lyrical singer Sylvia Schwartz, who appear in the audiovisuals showing the best of their talent and expressly express their admiration for Costa Rican nature and biodiversity .
Complementary to the presence of audiovisuals in the opera season, programmatic actions will also be carried out with mobile phones and social networks to carry the message beyond the theater itself and a trip to Costa Rica will be raffled for those who complete a digital trivia and a form on the website with a specific question: In what year was the construction of the National Theater of Costa Rica ordered?
“In Costa Rica we greatly appreciate this symbiosis with the environment and the architectural heritage and we celebrate our National Theater, as well as we celebrate the construction of a better and more prosperous society with the affection and that affinity with culture and nature that has distinguished us. always in the world, ”said Karina Salguero Moya, General Director of the National Theater in relation to this tribute and cultural exchange between both theaters that contributes to the promotion of Costa Rica as a tourist destination.
The development of this promotional alliance was carried out by the Public Relations agency, The Blueroom Project, which provides services to the ICT in Spain, one of the main European markets for tourists.


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