Paraguay will enhance the tourist flow to the Jesuit Route

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Paraguay will enhance the tourist flow to the Jesuit Route
September 21, 2020

The National Secretariat of Tourism and the National Secretariat of Culture agreed today to initiate joint actions in order to benefit the increase in tourist flow to the Paraguayan Jesuit Route


In this sense, the Minister of Tourism, Sofía Montiel and her culture partner, Rubén Capdevila Yampey, signed a specific agreement within the framework of the cooperation agreement between both institutions.

The area of ​​influence of the project is located in the departments of Misiones and Itapúa and the tasks to be carried out will be governed in accordance with adequate technical criteria and current legislation in accordance with cultural policies for the protection of cultural heritage.

The head of Senatur pointed out that culture and tourism go hand in hand in all actions that can be undertaken jointly, so it is vitally important to work on the preservation of invaluable heritages.
For her part, Minister Capdevila highlighted the Senatur as an institution committed to the protection of the national cultural heritage in addition to having a great responsibility to conserve such important heritage worldwide.


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