70% of travelers plan to visit a natural destination

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70% of travelers plan to visit a natural destination
Fri September 25, 2020

According to a study by Despegar.com, tourists seek to overcome the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic


On September 27, World Tourism Day is celebrated and the global context for the COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity to rethink the future of the sector, including the way it contributes to the sustainable development goals, through its social, cultural, political and economic value. In this sense, a recent study carried out by Despegar, the leading Latin American travel company, revealed that almost 70% of travelers plan to visit a natural destination to eliminate the stress caused by the pandemic.

Over time, tourism can help to overcome the pandemic, bringing people together and promoting solidarity and trust, crucial ingredients in advancing the global cooperation that is so urgently needed at this time. This cooperation is also necessary between travelers and the destinations that receive them, so that tourism is a positive factor in the development and conservation of communities.

“The study that we carried out shows that the passion for traveling is intact among Mexicans and that is very important at this crucial moment because tourism has a dynamic effect on regional economies. The pause in tourist activity imposed by the pandemic has been a good time to think about the relationship between travelers and destinations. Respect for nature and a sustainable vision will increasingly mark the decisions of passengers in the world. ”, Said Ezequiel Rubin, Country Manager of Despegar in Mexico.

"That is why it is vital to live tourism in a responsible way, so that we can not only enjoy a trip but also know that we help the conservation of destinations and contribute to local development. Fortunately, respect for nature and a sustainable vision increasingly mark the decisions of travelers in the world. This World Tourism Day is a great moment to reaffirm the commitment to this sustainable way of traveling. ", added the manager.

This context is very suitable for thinking about how to make a positive impact during the holidays. How is it possible to do it? Despegar lists some recommendations:

Minimizing the impact on the environment and local culture.
Helping to generate income and employment for residents.
Be respectful of the place and leave it the same as it was found, so that it can be enjoyed in the future.
Be careful in the use of natural resources.
Respect the customs of the populations.
Consume local products to help the development of those economies
Pay attention and follow the measures to protect the cultural heritage of the place and the current health protocols.


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