Panamanian government focuses on sustainable tourism

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Panamanian government focuses on sustainable tourism
September 28, 2020

President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen signed today the decree that reactivates the development strategy "Tourism, Conservation and Research"

In the heart of Cerro Ancón, among the tourist replicas of the typical towns of Panama, President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen signed the executive decree today that reactivates the development strategy "Tourism, Conservation and Research (TCI)" proposed for Panama more than 20 years ago by the prestigious specialist in social ecology Hana Ayala, inspired by the natural, environmental and cultural potential of the country.

In February of this year, the expert returned to Panama to meet with important local tourism leaders and with President Cortizo Cohen, who supported the reactivation of the TCI strategy in Panama, which was praised worldwide by renowned groups such as the Institute. Smithsonian, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the World Bank, when it was implemented by Panama in the past.

With the signing of a new executive decree, the "Tourism, Conservation and Research Alliance" is created, made up of public entities, with the participation of the research, conservation and tourism sectors, and the "Tourism Alliance Committee, Conservation and Research ”, to give the essential follow-up, development and execution of the Alliance's plans. The Committee is made up of the Ministries of Environment (MiAmbiente) and Culture (MiCultura), the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) and the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP); the secretariat is assumed by the Secretary of the Tourism Cabinet.

In the exercise of its functions, the Committee will develop, promote and support the execution of a national plan for the development of sustainable heritage tourism in the country, under the guidelines established in the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism (PMTS) in force and approved by the Authority. of Tourism of Panama, through strategic alliances between sectors and communities involved in tourism, conservation and research of natural and cultural heritage and communities, with the aim of conserving and studying said heritage and facilitating the promotion and development of related activities.

As general coordinator of the Committee, the ATP will form a group of Affiliates to the TCI Alliance, which will be joined by companies, non-profit organizations and other public or private entities, for their contribution to conservation and research projects of natural heritage and culture of Panama, linked to tourism.

The new Master Plan for 2025 considers the TCI model at its strategic heart, developed through Heritage Routes that seek to position the tourism brand of Panama in a competitive national and international level, betting on differentiation, based on innovation and sustainability .

Panama as a geological, ecological and cultural reference
The Panamanian isthmus, according to the recognition of various scientists, has an extraordinary richness and diversity of natural and cultural heritage. Its emergence from the depths of the sea, three million years ago, is considered one of the most important geological events of the last 60 million years, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. Its status as a bridge and geographic position give Panama an extraordinary biodiversity - more birds, reptiles, mammals and trees than in the United States and Canada combined - and the protected areas that cover more than a third of its territory, make it an excellent site to admire and study its unique and abundant nature.

The TCI Alliance created through the decree proposes to develop in a sustainable way that enormous natural, historical and cultural wealth of Panama, for the benefit of communities throughout the country, in order to consolidate Panama into a world-class sustainable tourist destination.


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