Atlantica Hotels International accelerates franchise growth

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Atlantica Hotels International accelerates franchise growth
Ricardo Bluvol, Atlantica Hotels International
Fri October 02, 2020

The chain signs a contract with eight independent hotels in Brazil, four of which are located in the state of São Paulo, two in Espírito Santo, one in the city of Rio de Janeiro and another on the coast of Ceará


This October, three of these hotels will operate in the interior of São Paulo, under the seal of Atlantica: Vivendas, in Rio Claro, and Grand Royal and Park, both in Sorocaba. Until December, the company reaches the coast of Ceará, with The Coral Beach Resort.

“Today, the owners of independent ventures are very careful when choosing franchisees. They are looking for a partner who can support them with an extensive sales structure across the country, smart distribution, brands with strong appeal, modern technology and large scale purchases, even more so in such a challenging scenario. We have the competence to improve the profitability of independent hotels, explains Ricardo Bluvol, vice president of Development at AHI - Atlantica Hotels International.

“The Franchise Atlantica was developed for hotel owners who want to operate with their own brand or a chain, have an enterprise with more than 70 rooms and in good condition, and are interested in a partnership model where it maintains management autonomy and now has all the expertise and strength of Atlantica, a chain with 22 years of history and more than 130 hotels across the country ”, concludes Bluvol.

Structured two years ago, the Franquia Atlantica project already has 18 hotels in operation, 8 new contracts signed with openings scheduled for 2020 and 2021 and another 9 negotiations at an advanced stage. The company's goal is to bring together a portfolio of more than 50 franchised hotels in Brazil by 2024.

In the Franchise Atlantica, the company supports the franchised hotel on several pillars, so that the enterprise can have a more efficient management and with greater profitability:

· Brand: access to brands recognized by consumers and the corporate market, with robust operational standards, including the Atlantica Safe & Clean Protocol security and cleaning protocol, aimed at security measures to combat the contagion of Covid-19, approved by InCor and audited by Bureau Veritas;

· Distribution and Performance: intelligent distribution management with a focus on optimizing Revpar and channel commissioning. The hotel will be available on the shelf in a totally integrated way, with more than 400 sales channels, with a team and specialized tools in the management of this complex process, in addition to a sales force present throughout the country, with a strong relationship with more than 15 thousand companies and hundreds of corporate travel agencies, such as those of the Abracorp group.

· Technology and Information: Atlantica uses all the technology developed for its more than 136 hotels in the partnership. A complete, modern and integrated system; which follows the guest cycle and provides a robust BI, with strategic information from the hotel and the market for quick and accurate decision making.

· Commercial Conditions Atlantica: the hotel will enjoy all commercial conditions negotiated by Atlantica, with a scale of more than 136 hotels;

· Specialized Service: exclusive service team for franchised hotels, ensuring proximity in the relationship and constant monitoring of performance.

· Training and Qualification: the entire hotel team will have access to the content of Universidade Atlantica, with courses aimed at guaranteeing service standards, updating procedures and strategic management of the unit.


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