WTTC participated in the event "Colombia me inspira"

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WTTC participated in the event "Colombia me inspira"
Gloria Guevara Manzo, WTTC
Mon October 05, 2020

The President and CEO Gloria Guevara Manzo was present at the virtual meeting organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of that country

The World Travel and Tourism Council promotes global actions aimed at the safe reactivation of tourist activity, which allow to regain the confidence of travelers and guarantee safe experiences.
Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, participated in the virtual meeting "Colombia me inspira", organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of that country, and assured that the Council has promoted a series of actions aimed at reactivating responsible for tourism, such as the design of hygiene and sanitation protocols in travel establishments, airports, hotels and cruise ships, among others, as well as the issuance of the Safe Travels Stamp to recognize the efforts of destinations to protect the health of visitors and local people.
“The travel and tourism sector is experiencing the worst crisis in its history with the COVID-19 pandemic, to date 121 million jobs have been lost in the world and there is a risk of increasing this figure to 197 million by the end of This year, therefore, coordination between authorities and the private sector is essential. We are a resilient sector and we will go forward strengthened, working together ”, he explained.
“It is important to reactivate international travel, as well as the application of rapid tests for the detection of the virus and the elimination of unnecessary barriers, such as quarantines. Travelers want to leave, what they don't want is to be stranded in an airport due to restrictive measures, ”he said.
She gave as an example the region of Europe, where different countries have joined together to standardize regional measures that allow the reactivation of travel and tourism. "The same can happen with Colombia, to promote regional agreements that reactivate air connectivity on important routes, such as Bogotá-Miami," he said.
She said that another important factor to consider is the social benefits that tourism brings to the economy of nations, since it promotes investment, employment and the development of communities.
In turn, Julián Guerrero, Vice Minister of Tourism of Colombia, said that the recovery of tourism will occur, firstly, with local tourism, and later with international tourism, however, it is important to promote the diversification of tourism products .
He recognized the importance of public-private coordination to promote the timely and safe reactivation of travel and tourism, overcoming bureaucratic barriers, as well as international coordination between countries.
According to the WTTC Economic Impact Report, during 2019 the travel and tourism sector was responsible for one in 10 jobs in the world (330 million in total), making a contribution of 10.3% to global GDP and generating one of every four of all new jobs on the planet.


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