Costa Rica announced the reopening of casinos located in hotels

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Costa Rica announced the reopening of casinos located in hotels
Tue October 06, 2020

They will be able to operate with a capacity of 50% of their capacity and they will not be able to sell liquor or offer live shows

The casinos located in lodging centers will be able to reopen this October 8 following strict health protocols, which will benefit more than 2,000 people whose economic activity depended directly or indirectly on it, said Gustavo Segura, Rector Minister of Tourism on Monday.
“This announcement follows the route of reactivation and job creation on which we remain focused. Its reopening will be gradual and in order to make it possible, the owners of casinos located in hotels have been willing to comply with strict protocols that, as has been the case with all the protocols supervised by the ICT, have been developed jointly by the public sector and private, ”Segura explained.
The ICT will assist in advising and inspecting compliance with these protocols.
To guarantee the operation, the managers of the casinos must be vigilant in the application of a series of measures, among which are:

Temperature measurement of customers upon entering.
A maximum capacity of 50%.
Ensure the use of disposable cups, plates and cutlery.
Alcoholic beverages may not be sold while the 50% capacity requirement is in force. Neither will game tournaments or live shows be held.
The tables, chairs and gaming machines will be subjected to a complete disinfection, both at the beginning of operations, and at closing, and each time a customer uses them.
The chips of the gaming tables will be disinfected with ultra violet lamps at the time of opening the tables, at the moment of closing and during every hour while the games are active.
Gaming machines must be turned off and / or redistributed to guarantee the minimum required distance of 1.8 meters. When they cannot be redistributed, a polycarbonate screen will be placed to separate them.
Each gaming machine must be cleaned at least every 60 minutes.
At the gaming tables there will be a maximum of three chairs for players and between them there will be acrylic sheets or protection screens in order to guarantee physical distance between clients.


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