ANATO prepares the face-to-face realization of the Vitrina Turística 2021

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ANATO prepares the face-to-face realization of the Vitrina Turística 2021
Tue October 06, 2020

Version 40 of the event will take place between February 24 and 26
in Bogota


As of today, ANATO opens the commercialization of spaces for the most important tourism event in Colombia, where annually and for 39 years, entrepreneurs in the sector have met to publicize their products and services in order to strengthen their offer and energize the travel industry.

“The Vitrina Turística 2021, which will take place from February 24 to 26, 2021, will be the first Latin American sector fair to be held after the pandemic. It will also be an opportunity for all businessmen in the sector to start promoting their portfolios for the four holiday seasons of 2021 (Easter, Mid-year, Holiday week and End of the year), and in this way help little by little to the normalization and recovery of the industry, ”said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

To carry out the event, the Association is preparing to offer, together with Corferias, a safe and controlled place, both for exhibitors and visitors, through the structuring of biosecurity measures, established based on the regulations imposed by the National Government.

For this opportunity, Bogotá - Cundinamarca will participate as a national guest of honor destination, and currently, the Association is in the review process to decide the guest country.

“Version 40 of the event will be the most important bet towards the reactivation of tourism. We understand that these months have not been easy for our sector, however, tourism continues to be an industry of great potential in the world and of great resilience, and for this reason we invite you to reserve your stand now and not be left out of this event” concluded the union leader.


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