According to Expedia, 54% of Mexicans plan to make a trip between now and December

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According to Expedia, 54% of Mexicans plan to make a trip between now and December
Mon October 12, 2020

According to the OTA study, most of the respondents reached their “breaking point” due to Covid-19 within 90 days of the start of the social distancing measures

The results of a study conducted by Expedia to measure the "breaking point" of Mexicans in the face of the "new normal" imposed by Covid 19 was released today. The “breaking point” refers to that urgent need to break the routine imposed by confinement and social distancing and to have some “change of scenery”.

Balancing the new reality of work, school, housework, necessary activities and other day-to-day actions have been a challenge for most people. Through a survey of 1,500 Mexicans between the ages of 18 and 45 (1), Expedia examines how this “turning point” has impacted our country and the way in which Mexicans have sought or will seek their new travel getaways. Here are the most relevant findings:

The study indicates that 59% of those surveyed reached their "breaking point" due to the pandemic within three months of the start of confinement measures. Although 17% reached that "breaking point" where they required a break, during the first month. On the other hand, 34% consider that they have not yet reached that "breaking point" six months after the first measures began.

The four activities that Mexicans have missed the most due to confinement are: 64% see friends and family, 36% go to events such as concerts, festivals or weddings, 35% travel and 33% leave their homes for weekends of week.

The four ways that Mexicans handled the worst moments of confinement were: 42% took more personal time, such as exercising or meditating; 35% spent more time outdoors inside their houses (balcony, garden, rooftop); 17% started planning their first big trip for 2021 and 12% took more time to walk their dogs.

54% plan to make a trip between now and December and 20% more could consider it.

The breaking point and the need for a getaway

Of those surveyed who said they had already reached their “breaking point” to take a getaway, for 52% the most important factor was the need to leave home and find a change of scenery, for 27% the need to have time for themselves and for 26% having to see family and friends in another city.

Planning the next trip
For many, travel disruption and limitations have only strengthened the desire to travel. The survey reveals that 54% of those surveyed plan to take a trip between now and December, although an additional 20% think there is a chance they will as well. 31% indicated that they want to take a trip in Mexico, but not so close to home, by plane. 30% said they plan to make a trip, but by car, not far from their place of residence, 12% hope to take a plane trip outside the country, while 18% said they plan to make a distant trip, but until 2021.

Domestic travel is today's trend, an overwhelming 60% prefer to travel within Mexico.

Dog Findings
Walking the dogs has been a good distraction from the monotony in this new normal, for 12% of those surveyed.
Therefore, it is not surprising that, of the total of those surveyed, 7% want to make an upcoming trip with their canine pets in the coming months.

Destinations and accommodation
It is not surprising that 47% of those surveyed prefer beach destinations, 21% go to a nearby city or town and 11% go to a place in the country, or with large gardens not far from their place of origin.

Regarding the type of accommodation, 30% prefer comfortable hotels with certain luxuries, 23% prefer open spaces with camping or hiking and 7% destinations with an activity club for children.

Among what Mexicans enjoy the most during their travels: 43% indulge in a personal treat or pampering without guilt, 42% explore new places, 38% enjoy going to a place with a different climate than where they live, and 34 % enjoy eating typical dishes from the places they visit.

Fortunately, no matter what type of travel, accommodation or priorities travelers prefer, Expedia has options for everyone on their next trip away from their hometown.


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