A new study reveals that what Americans miss the most is traveling

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A new study reveals that what Americans miss the most is traveling
Mon October 12, 2020

According to a report published today by Hilton, 188 million Americans already have a "travel memory deficit"

Traveling, it seems, is one of the great American hobbies that brings lasting joy, with nine out of 10 respondents saying that travel memories are the most precious they have. Travel, on special occasions or personal achievements, is attributed to creating their most frequently remembered “happy memory”, and most respondents also cite creating these lasting memories as a primary motivation for their travels. As for favorites, 54% said travel memories are more important than their favorite jewel, and 53% say those memories are more important than their smartphone. So the best way to regain your happiness? Take a trip!

"Travel is an unstoppable force and we know that consumers are eager to reconnect with the people and places they love," said Danny Hughes, Hilton Executive Vice President and President of the Americas. "Hilton is ready to welcome guests with all the guarantees they need - best-in-class hospitality, cleanliness and flexibility - to create their new memories when they are ready to go out and travel again."

Near or far, travel can be transformative, creating invaluable experiences that allow people to reconnect with one another. This is the reason why a remarkable 94% of respondents who travel plan to travel once restrictions and limitations are removed. In fact, two-thirds plan to make travel a priority and plan to take that bucket list trip they've always dreamed of.

Happy Travelers: Nearly seven in 10 (69%) of those who travel - equivalent to 134 million Americans - say that travel has given them memories of a lifetime; Nine out of 10 count travel memories as some of their happiest memories.
Memories in the Making: Eight out of 10 (80%) travelers will prioritize creating new travel memories when choosing to travel again.

Two-thirds promise to stop putting travel on their vacation wish list and make the vacation of their dreams come true. 66% will stop putting off the special trips they have always wanted to do.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of those looking to travel again will choose more relaxing trips over

More than a third of Americans plan to travel more than before once travel restrictions are lifted, and three in five (62%) will be more adventurous when traveling to new places to create travel memories.

Most are looking ahead to making their next travel souvenir, and 94% of Americans plan to travel again.

About seven out of 10 travelers say their trips have been memorable thanks to the destination itself.

Americans say creating memories with loved ones is one of the most important reasons they travel (63%), second only to traveling to relax.

About one in two traveler trips has given them an appreciation of nature (47%) or a way to take a break from work or study (46%). A similar number (44%) link travel to better relationships with their friends and family and believe they have even gained a feeling of gratitude for what they have in their lives (44%).

Almost three in five (57%) Americans who travel believe that the people who accompany them are the ones who make their trips unforgettable.

Among a variety of childhood memories, one-third (33%) of Americans recall those of special trips and travel with their family more often; more than those who think of memories linked to Christmas celebrations or even family traditions.


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