RIU launches its new website for tourism professionals

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RIU launches its new website for tourism professionals
Wed October 14, 2020

RIU Pro is a state-of-the-art tool that includes everything the travel agent needs to carry out their work

The RIU Hotels & Resorts hotel chain has just presented RIU Pro, its new tool for professionals in the tourism industry. Travel agents have historically been the allies of the hotel chain's growth and continue to be key in its commercialization, for this reason RIU has opted to develop this latest-generation, powerful, agile and versatile tool, which it offers on the same website everything the agent needs to carry out his work.

This is a great project that was born from the desire to make the work of travel agents as easy as possible and after actively listening to their needs and wishes. The stoppage forced by the pandemic caused by the covid-19 has offered the necessary time to give the final push to this project that brings an important innovation to the RIU marketing area, as well as a great optimization of time and resources, both of RIU and the agents themselves.

“Travel agents have been key in our history. It all started with that first visit to the travel agencies in Germany, which in 1954 my father Luis Riu Bertrán used to hire the 80 beds in our first Riu San Francisco hotel. Since then, our relationship with professionals in the sector has only grown. By tradition, out of loyalty and because of the enormous importance it has for our business, it was key for us to offer professionals the latest in technology so that they can continue to accompany us for at least 65 more years ”, says Luis Riu Güell, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts.

The new tool incorporates the Riu Partner Club loyalty program on the same website, access to the database and image bank of the Riu Brand Center system as well as all the information, news and RIU news that are relevant to agents travel. 


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