Costa Rica and its commitment to rural tourism

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Costa Rica and its commitment to rural tourism
Thu October 15, 2020

In Palmichal de Acosta there is a community project that rescues the essence of peasant traditions where it is still possible to drink water directly from the crystal clear Tabarcia River basin

Precisely at La Posada de Nacientes Palmichal in Acosta, a rural tourism undertaking that is part of the Vamos a Turistear campaign of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), tourists experience the experience of country life, traditional cuisine in wood-fired cooking , the walks, and the refreshing waterfall.
According to Sergio Ramírez, one of those in charge of the project, the visitors learn about the protection practices of the basin, as part of the environmental education that the inn imparts. "We are very proud because Nacientes Palmichal protects 42 hectares of primary and secondary forest in the middle of a water basin that supplies more than 50 thousand inhabitants of San José Rural communities."
In addition, this establishment stands out for the sustainable development of activities developed in conjunction with the local association and carried out by local actors that generate productive chains, which are used in the Inn for the benefit of the community. Thus, for example, the cooks of the area, the raw material for meals, the students of the local school are called "The Guardians of the Environment" and take care of the surroundings of the place and the entire community.
All these actions are an example of a balance between development and sustainability, which has earned them the 4-Star Ecological Blue Flag this year in the Micro Basins category for the care and cleaning of their water sources.
What is rural tourism and rural community tourism?
 These are tourist experiences that are designed in a rural environment. The fundamental difference is that in Rural Community Tourism offers are organized through cooperatives or associations and those of Rural Tourism are developed individually.
In the case of Posada Nacientes Palmichal, it is a 42-hectare wildlife reserve, in which the visitor has the opportunity to observe various species of mammals, especially birds and butterflies, enjoying nature trails.
It has its origin with families from Palmichal de Acosta, in 1991, it emerged as a community-based organization, in order to protect the water resources that today supply 50,000 inhabitants of Acosta, Mora and Puriscal; Nascent Palmichal together with companies, private, institutions and municipalities.
Guests can contribute to sustainability with proper management of the resources used in the Rural Tourism Inn; In addition, providing support to school educational centers, planting trees, visiting family businesses and organizations in the Palmichal area to share initiatives to produce biogas and bio-fertilizer, vermicompost production, recycling actions, use of waste for construction of handicrafts, live with the culture of the peasant and indigenous, in a rural area that maintains the traditions of our grandparents and grandmothers.


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