Ecuador presents its international tourism promotion campaign

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Ecuador presents its international tourism promotion campaign
Mon October 19, 2020

Under the slogan "Be Well in Ecuador", the initiative seeks to generate confidence in travelers so that they recognize the country as a wellness destination

The campaign - developed by the Ministry of Tourism together with representatives of the different sectors of the industry - was launched at an event that took place at the Planetarium of the Military Geographical Institute (IGM), located in the city of Quito.

The initiative seeks to generate confidence in travelers so that they recognize Ecuador as a well-being and preferred destination when traveling. In fact, 22 biosafety protocols have been implemented in the country for the operation of tourist activities and establishments.

The strategy will be focused on the regional markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Peru; and long distance such as Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. Actions such as participation in international forums, virtual events, meetings with tour operators, expansion of connectivity will be undertaken there, and there will also be promotion through digital channels.

At the event, the Minister of Tourism, Rosi Prado de Holguín, highlighted the work with all the actors in the sector to build an attractive and unique tourist image, which promotes the arrival of foreign tourists. "After all that the pandemic has meant for the tourism sector, it is important for travelers from all over to know that the country has worked hard to make them feel good and safe in different destinations. From the Middle of the World, we say : Be Well in Ecuador !, Feel good in Ecuador! ", He emphasized.

The Undersecretary of Promotion, Patricia Palacios, explained that –as part of the campaign– authorities, characters or entities will join the promotion of national attractions. Along these lines, she handed over the Ecuadorian tourist key to Carlos Criado, Quiport's Director of Business Development, whom she invited to share the campaign and encourage more people to come to the country.

On his side, the Quiport representative pointed out that it is a great pride to receive the key and that with this he assumes a commitment to continue promoting the landscapes and attractions of the country of the four worlds: Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos. He also assured that this is "a great opportunity to show what is in Ecuador and what its people are like."

Currently, the country has protocols, guides and biosafety measures implemented in the sectors of accommodation, food and beverages, travel agencies, the meeting industry, guides and more. Likewise, Ecuador received the Safe Travels seal, awarded by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which recognizes destinations that have adequate sanitary measures.

In this way, promotion within the world tourism industry is resumed to promote the reactivation of the national economy. For this reason, citizens are invited to join the campaign, sharing photographs and videos on their social networks where the diversity and beauty of the country is shown.


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