The Germán Morales Hoteles chain affirms its health commitment

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The Germán Morales Hoteles chain affirms its health commitment
Mon October 19, 2020

The hotel chain continues to add the Biosafety Certificate necessary for the operation for its brands

The hotels be La Sierra, bh Barranquilla, bh Poblado, bh Usaquén, bh Parque 93 are now joined by EK Hotel, which is now complementing the operation of the chain activated since last September.

EK Hotel, located on the corner of Calle 90 and Carrera 11, in the north of Bogotá, has established itself as the hotel for senior managers of multinational and national companies, and for travelers from various countries who do business in the region.

According to Pilar Morales, director of Sustainability of the chain, the certificate is implemented through the adaptation of the protocols that involve awareness and training of personnel, adjustment in processes and infrastructure, signaling and communication plan and implementation and implementation March.

Deploying what is necessary to obtain the certificate has not represented a change in the quality of the service, Molares said. "The important thing has been to see that the client responds positively, is patient and complies with the instructions given by the operation to provide well-being to all guests," said the directive.

The certifying body is SGS and it issues it for two years. Having the certificate means that the hotels comply with all the protocols and biosafety requirements demanded by the Government through resolution 666 and 1285 of 2020, to provide security to officials, guests, suppliers in the mitigation and prevention of Covid contagion. 19.

The Germán Morales chain has taken care of every detail so that the thorough implementation of biosafety protocols does not affect the guest experience. The organization of social distancing, the disinfection of luggage, the restriction of certain services to avoid a possible contagion, removing from the rooms and common areas certain utensils that cannot be had such as pens, note books, newspapers, etc., everything is It has been adapted in order to protect guests and employees, while maintaining the atmosphere of each hotel.


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