Bahia Principe Grand Tulum will include a Mayan Culture space

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Bahia Principe Grand Tulum will include a Mayan Culture space
Tue October 20, 2020

The reopening of the complex is scheduled for November 15 with new attractions and biosecurity protocols

Inspired by Zamá, the name of Origin of the Walled City of Tulum, Bahia Principe Grand Tulum presents Zamá Fun Area. It is an exclusive space for children where they will discover the Mayan Culture.

Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya and taking as a framework the unbeatable beaches of Tulum, next November and under all safety and hygiene measures, it will reopen its facilities completely renovated and presenting a new concept.

With a new “Kids Club”, a magical place within the Zamá Fun Area, with play areas, crafts and psychomotor activities, theater, sand area, games, picnic area and many surprises.

“Through play, restlessness and curiosity, the little ones will look in the sand area for their first image of the most representative Mayan legacy, they will discover the most unusual and adventurous in“ La Selva ”; a spectacular playground and in "La Tirolina" they will show their bravery and exercise their psychomotor skills. We have "La Jungla" an area to explore, overcome challenges through uncertain paths, bridges and slides. And without forgetting to mention the "Iguana" to climb and slide, being one of the most representative species of the Riviera Maya "commented Ignacio Subías General Director of the Complex

The Picnic area takes on a special role, outdoor tables where activities led by the Eco-Bahía Ecological Foundation will be carried out, creating awareness in children for caring for the environment and bringing them closer to the flora and fauna of the area.

"On the other hand, we have water as the protagonist and nature as a companion for children to have the most fun," El Cenote "will be one of the most popular places for its beauty; the "Splash" full of water jets and games and the emblematic "Water Park" with large slides that will lead the little ones to have fun with their Mayan masks and decorative elements that remind us of civilizations and the purest Mayan jungle "pointed out Ignacio You went up General Manager of the complex.


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