A smoother booking experience for Avianca travelers

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A smoother booking experience for Avianca travelers
Source: Avianca
Tue November 17, 2020

Silvia Mosquera, Chief Commercial Officer of Avianca shares with us a column detailing the progress made by the airline thanks to the implementation of Amadeus innovations

By Silvia Mosquera, Chief Commercial Officer of Avianca

Last year we celebrated a milestone that few companies in the world can boast of: 100 years of operation. And our 101st year is proving to be our most challenging yet. But despite the challenges we, as well as the entire travel industry, face amid COVID-19, we remain committed to providing the best experience for our passengers.

In recent months it has become clear that airlines that excel in passenger experience have the best chances of survival. That is why we have worked hard with our Amadeus partners to design a new digital reservation flow on Avianca.com to improve our customers' shopping experience.

This new reservation flow, which uses the Amadeus Digital Experience suite (DES), offers a simplified reservation process and a more efficient shopping experience for each passenger. We believe that a clear and easy to understand user interface will have a positive impact on our income potential.

We are pioneer users of Amadeus DES in Latin America and we are excited about the capabilities and flexibility it offers to develop and integrate not only our own applications but also those of third parties. Our goal is to continue building a memorable shopping experience from inspiration to a customer's next purchase.

The new reservation flow has a responsive interface built on technology that customizes the offer for each customer. Now there are only four steps for the traveler, from finding flights to confirming the reservation. This improves both traveler confidence and conversion rates. During each step, the traveler can return or advance to the previous or next step to review or edit without losing the information already saved in other steps.

This easy process offers more engaging and personalized customer experiences and ensures that information remains intact from search to booking. The customer can also seamlessly navigate between different reservation options - such as different classes - with full visibility of cost and service differences through a single reservation flow.

And the response time to show availability is sensational - less than two seconds.

Our partnership with Amadeus continues to grow as we collaborate to create this digital experience. From having Amadeus developers physically with us in Bogotá to ensuring there are no language barriers, we have struck a balance between our teams that has allowed us to work faster and more efficiently on the implementation and configuration of this innovative solution. We are confident that, with the implementation of the Amadeus Digital Experience suite, Avianca is positioned to grow in the short and long term. Even with the challenging scenario presented by COVID-19, we know that demand will return, and we are ready to provide an even higher level of service than travelers will expect going forward. 


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