Level resumes regular flights from Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile to Barcelona

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Level resumes regular flights from Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile to Barcelona
Wed November 18, 2020

The airline will operate both routes again from December 22, offering flexibility in purchase conditions

LEVEL reinforces the connectivity between Latin America and Spain by recovering its routes from Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile to Barcelona for passengers and cargo. 

After the opening of the Argentine airspace, LEVEL has restarted regular flights between Spain and Argentina. The airline, which in recent months had launched a special flight operation in coordination with the Argentine authorities, is once again marketing regular flights on its website.

During the next few weeks, the company will connect the cities with the Christmas flight program and as of January 12, the route will be consolidated with three weekly frequencies. Flights take off from Barcelona on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and from Buenos Aires on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

In addition, from next December 22, the airline will resume the flights that regularly connect Spain and Chile. Operations, temporarily interrupted due to the coronavirus crisis, are resumed at Christmas with the aim of building a bridge between the Chilean capital and Barcelona on such special dates. After the Christmas operation, the airline will connect both cities with two frequencies a week. Flights from Barcelona- El Prat will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For their part, the flights will take off from the Chilean capital on Wednesdays and Fridays.  

In the words of Lucía Adrover, LEVEL's Commercial Director: "It is great news for Barcelona's connectivity that LEVEL is once again operating with regular flights to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, two very important cities in Latin America due to its economic and social link with Barcelona" . "We are aware that the current situation requires the greatest flexibility and, therefore, we trust that the unlimited and free changes of date that we offer in each reservation will satisfy the new needs of our clients", he adds.  

John Cheetham, Commercial Director of IAG Cargo explains: "We are delighted to offer our customers these scheduled flights again. Operations between these regions serve important commercial routes and, in addition, with IAG Cargo's expanded connections the routes will provide more opportunities. for our clients at both ends. " 

The airline retakes these routes for passage and cargo offering maximum flexibility in the purchase conditions. Flights include free unlimited changes regardless of the selected fare, so that customers only have to pay the fare difference, if any. 


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