MATCHER BRASIL confirmed the date of the event in 2021

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MATCHER BRASIL confirmed the date of the event in 2021
Wed November 18, 2020

It will take place on October 22 and 23 at the Fortaleza Event Center, Ceará

The Matcher Travel Business Opportunities, the only event dedicated exclusively to promoting Brazilian tourism destinations and products to the international market, officially announced that its next in-person edition will take place on October 22 and 23, 2021, at the Events Center from Fortaleza, Ceará.  

The expectation of MATCHER 2021 is to rescue the confidence of international buyers in tourism in Brazil. "We believe that in 2021 we can already have a more favorable condition for international travel and we want to strengthen the flow of foreigners to the country. We are aware that the international flow will still take a few years to return to the level of the period before the pandemic, and that is It is necessary to start working now to build a more favorable medium and long-term scenario ", said Jeanine Pires, Director of MATCHER.  

For MATCHER leaders, face-to-face meetings will have a very important value to regain Brazil's confidence in the international market and to rescue the relationship between buyers from the main markets and Brazilian sellers. "Brazil has long had no relationship and contact with international tourist issuers, and MATCHER affirms that Brazilian companies are committed to promoting and selling Brazil abroad," adds Jeanine.

For MATCHER, it is essential to show the international market now that investment in tourism has not stopped in Brazil with the announcement of new tourist complexes in Foz, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Alagoas. In the same way, that products focused on niches, outdoor attractions, smaller and more intensive destinations and contact with nature, are an innovation in the country's offer, adapted to international trends. 

MATCHER 2021 continues with its objective of bringing together the largest national tourism providers in Brazil in pre-programmed meetings with the main operators in the international market, focusing on presenting Brazilian products and destinations to foreign entrepreneurs interested in selling Brazil in their respective countries. 

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