Lifestyle reopens hotel in Puerto Plata with 70% occupancy

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Lifestyle reopens hotel in Puerto Plata with 70% occupancy
November 23, 2020

With this restart, the hotel group reactivates more than 1,800 jobs and has an occupancy rate of 70%, boosting the economy of the northern part of the country

Following the protocols that the authorities have established, the Lifestyle Group restarted its operations with the reopening of its hotel complex located in Cofresí, Puerto Plata.

The hotel group, the largest in the north, reactivates more than 1,800 jobs, which translates into a positive impact for its employees and boosts the local economy.

The main executives of Lifestyle officially left more than 1,180 rooms open through an act led by the Group's vice president, Anja Wischenbart and which was attended by the governor of Puerto Plata, Claritza Rochtte de Senior, the mayor of San Felipe, Diómedes - Roquelito-García Núñez and the provincial director of Tourism, Stephanie Kfouri, among other government authorities and business representatives.

The hotel complex has adopted all the health protocols required by the country's authorities and international organizations, including performing PCR tests on its servers to rule out any Covid-19 contagion.

In this sense, the Lifestyle Group thanked the Ministry of Public Health for the support given to carry out the PCR tests, through doctors Claudio Brito and Jhonny Tavárez, vice minister and provincial director of that portfolio, respectively.

"The time has come to meet again, to share and provide, as is our custom, the best service, under strict health protocols," said the Vice President of the Lifestyle Group, Anja Wischenbart.

"We are fully confident that by taking all the measures of place and working, as we know how to do in Lifestyle, we will overcome this adversity, because we are convinced that, with the recovery of tourism, the economy of the country will recover", said in a message the Group President Markus Wischenbart.


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