Colombia will have an International Paragliding park in 2021

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Colombia will have an International Paragliding park in 2021
Tue December 08, 2020

It is located in the vicinity of Floridablanca, Santander and will have an area of ​​60 thousand square meters with an impressive natural landscape

With a budgeted investment of more than 20 thousand six hundred million pesos, Colombia is preparing to have the International Paragliding Park, a work that will be part of the country's tourist attractions for the whole world.

This important work that is already in the last phase of execution, is part of the government plan of Miguel Ángel Moreno Suárez, one of the youngest mayors in the country and who is committed to the development of his municipality of Floridablanca as the epicenter of tourism National and international.

The International Paragliding Park that began to be built in the previous administration, has the support of the Government of Santander and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Bucaramanga and is located in the village of La esperanza, Ruitoque Alto sector, a privileged place in the country where in any time of year you can go paragliding. 

The site, which aims to be one of the iconic places for Colombian tourism, will have an administrative area, restaurants, commercial premises, plaza, cafe-bar, pedestrian paths, bicycle path, children's games, access roads, parking lots, electrical substation, sewage treatment plant and start and arrival track for paragliders.

"The work will impact the more than 266,000 inhabitants of Floridablanca, Bucaramanga, Girón and Piedecuesta and will become the tourist epicenter of the municipality and the country in general," said Fernando Mier, secretary of Infrastructure, of the Mayor's Office of Floridablanca.

The International Paragliding Park that began its construction in 2018, has an area of ​​60,000 square meters and will be ready for the first quarter of 2021, thus adding to important Colombian tourist destinations. The park will also have an air traffic controller and a convention center, as well as a 2,900-square-meter flight platform with an exceptional panoramic view of the metropolitan area.

This new alternative for entertainment and tourism will generate around 3,000 direct and indirect jobs and thousands of opportunities for economic development for the population.

In this way and added to a millionaire investment in infrastructure, the Floridablanca administration is developing the economic sector of the city and has allocated about 150 billion pesos in works such as: Road interchanges, such as PQP, the Fatima interchange, Villa Olímpica , parks and paving of strategic roads in the city.


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