WTTC presents report with global guidelines for safe travel

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WTTC presents report with global guidelines for safe travel
Wed December 09, 2020

The World Travel and Tourism Council today published a guide with recommendations related to the identity and safety of the traveler in the new normal

Developed in partnership with Oliver Wyman Consulting Group and Pangiam as advisers, the report emphasizes the need for swift action for a harmonized approach in implementing digital traveler identity and biometrics, and enabling strong policies through the realization of various activities to support the recovery of the travel and tourism sector in crisis.

Safe & Seamless Traveler Journey (SSTJ) by WTTC is a guide that aims to enable a comprehensive, safe and secure traveler journey, spanning air and non-air travel, through an approach to systematic verified biometric identification on each journey. stage of the trip, replacing manual verifications.

SSTJ will be instrumental in the fight against COVID-19 and beyond for crisis preparedness, further accelerating the recovery and bringing relief and reassurance to the 330 million people around the world who depend on a thriving travel and industry sector. tourism.

The importance of the SSTJ was also recognized by the G20 at the recent ministerial meeting, and all countries gave it their full support and commitment.

WTTC had previously recognized the need for more integrated and contactless technology as an emerging trend in the new face of travel. COVID-19 has become a catalyst for non-contact technologies, which travelers now hope to minimize their physical contact with people and surfaces.

According to a recent Amadeus survey, technology and innovation will be key to building traveler confidence and the recovery of the industry. This is illustrated when more than four in five (84%) travelers say that technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next 12 months.

Additionally, in a recent WTTC consumer survey, eight out of 10 Americans who board domestic or international flights said they would be willing to submit biometric data to improve their travel experience.

Based on consultations with over 350 stakeholders since 2018, WTTC has developed a clear vision for a safe and smooth end-to-end journey and has defined a roadmap to drive this initiative forward. Such an initiative requires the public and private sectors to join forces to drive the changes envisioned by the WTTC, build momentum, and foster adherence to global standards that underpin a supportive policy framework.

The report emphasizes the need for international coordination to remove travel barriers and build confidence in travelers, factors that are essential for the survival of the sector.

To achieve recovery, it is critical to provide certainty to travelers regarding travel restrictions and policies to facilitate domestic and international travel.

WTTC members, other private sector leaders and international organizations identified the following private sector actions:

Adoption of global data standards, leveraging existing standards, to ensure interoperability across all sectors, including governments.
Cross-sector collaboration (e.g., airlines, hotels, trains, cruise ships, working together)
Implement standardized global health and safety protocols across industries and geographies to facilitate a consistent and safe travel experience
Develop and adopt innovative digital technologies that enable free travel problems, better manage visitor flows, and improve the traveler experience while making the traveler's journey safer.
Public-private collaboration is essential to the success of SSTJ. The WTTC developed critical steps that governments must take to strengthen international collaboration through facilitation and leadership. Governments, by creating task forces, must continue to invest in biometrics to ensure they are prepared for future crises. Being more resilient will allow the sector and countries to better respond to future risks or shocks.

Gloria Guevara, President and CEO of WTTC, said: “The new WTTC report comes at a time when Travel & Tourism is struggling to stay afloat. We believe that the Safe & Seamless Traveler Journey will not only be instrumental in helping the industry to recover quickly, but also in shaping the new normal for travel and tourism for years to come. This important initiative allows mobility and increases safety and security, always putting the passenger at the center.


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