NH Urban 93 in Bogotá welcomes BALÚ restaurant

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NH Urban 93 in Bogotá welcomes BALÚ restaurant
Wed December 09, 2020

The property thus adds an innovative culinary proposal for guests and locals

Supporting local gastronomy and in the midst of a wonderful setting, NH Hotel Group - consolidated multinational operator and one of the leading urban hotel companies in Europe and America - initiates an important alliance with the BALÚ restaurant, which took place in the Bogotá Marcando contest. style. 

The relationship between the two brands started two years ago. NH Hotel Group as one of the sponsors of the Bogotá Marking Style contest, created by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, and Balú as the winning restaurant, who presented their winning recipe at the La Maria restaurant, of the NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal Hotel. 

Until a few months ago, Balú operated with great recognition in Cajicá. However, in the health crisis they were forced to close. There, precisely, they began to think about how to continue doing what they love. That is why they approached NH Hotel Group and there they opened doors and 'arms'. 

“It is not just about sharing a physical space. NH Hotel Group and BALÚ join forces today, offering new experiences and better service and gastronomic options ”, says Felipe Cardozo, one of the restaurant's chefs and owners. 

Everyone understands that it is a time of physical distancing, but not of working alone. It is necessary to join forces, stories and strengths. The limits are very clear because each continues to have its own brand architecture. 

The common objective of the agreement is that the local people live a unique experience, thanks to which they learn more about their culture, taking it to their own roots. And that the guests of the NH Urban 93 Bogotá have an extraordinary journey of sensations within the culture and idiosyncrasy of Cundiboyacense.

Balú's menu is made from 150 species, including aromatic herbs, fruits, tubers, legumes, vegetables, edible flowers, livestock products and by-products, at altitudes that range between 2,300 and 3,500 meters above sea level (meters above sea level) . In all the dishes they use native ingredients, of sustainable origin.

NH Urban 93 Bogotá and Balú have strict philosophies regarding taking care of people's health. In fact, NH Hotel Group is a leader in the field of security protocols. Its Feel safe at NH program is implemented in all hotels in the world, and therefore, in the restaurant, in addition to its own measures, they have adjusted to strict regulations, which included more than 700 adaptations in the processes, for example, the Guests of NH URBAN 93 Bogotá who wish to enjoy the Balú experience can access the menu through the App that they download upon arrival, which allows them to request the services they want, without having contact with anyone. 

“We have prepared each of our hotels so that visitors and guests feel safe and welcome when they decide to travel again, and now that domestic tourism will be key in the reactivation of the hospitality industry in the first post-pandemic stage, We are very happy to receive Felipe and Ana María with their Balú restaurant, and we are sure that they will return recharged in their gastronomic offer ”, says Oscar Restrepo, Managing Director Colombia & Ecuador of NH Hotel Group.


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